Friday, December 30, 2005

Festive Shit

I hate the festive seasons. I hate the fact that I'm expected to be doing something happening in order to make these festive holidays a worth-while one.

Every year around the 20th and 29th December or 29th Dec, everyone I run into would be asking me what I'll be planning for Christmas day or new year. And when I come out with an answer that's less impressive than the likes of downing 10 tequilla shots and dancing the night away on the slut platform at the hottest club in town, I'll usually get the "But you're supposed to be having heaps of fun, why not go do something???" or "You mean you're not gonna go for countdown??"

I'm annoyed really. I mean, why can't I just vegetate at home and watch DVD and play Mario Kart on the Playstation? Why is it that if I do my usual ubiquitous lazy sunday routine of chilling out by doing nothing, I'm considered wasting these holidays away?? It's such a stupid thing really. To start with, Christmas has totally lost its meaning. It's supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (whom ironically wasn't born on the 25 December, in fact, some say he's not even born in the month of December) but it's become some overly commercialized shit where everyone uses it as an excuse to spend,shop, get pissed drunk and eat heaps of hormone-jabbed turkey. It is so-called the season of joy and giving they say. And you also see many countries spending tons of money on Christmas lights plus the electricity to power it. It's very nice of course but then why are we only sharing joy and gift among those that we know? How about instead of pumping millions of dollar decorating the city, we donate those millions to the third world and people who's never even dreamt of smelling the aroma of roast stuffed turkey?

And this whole new year count down shit. What's with the crap about "oh it's a new beginning?". I don't believe in it cos time doesn't stop for you and you can't afford to wait for the end of one calendar year to reflect on what you've done so far cos what if you die tomorrow and never get to see the next year? Again, I see it as an excuse for self indulgence on booze and food. It's so meaningless.

So here you go. I'll try not to ask someone what they're planning for Christmas or New Year cos somehow I still get sucked into the habit of asking. I'll try to stop it for now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tabloid Junkie

I need rehab badly! I guess tabloid's got to do with the slow disappearance of my blog cos I've been spending way too much time finding out what Paris, Nicole, Jessica, Lindsay, Brat and Jennifer are up to. Yup, I'm almost at first name basis with the celebs thanks to my daily dose of trashy tabloid gossips.

I remember it all started on the day of London bombing in July. I was stuck in an apartment in Westminster and sick of watching the replay of frantic people dashing out of the tube station the umpteenth time (they just never had up-to-the minute update), I've innocently picked up a copy of tabloid. And then like they all say, the rest is history. I'm hooked.

Everytime I picked up a copy of tabloid and start reading, I get a major rush and I read it cover to cover while polluting my mind with the who's sleeping with whom of hollywood. First, it's a once weekly dose of New Weekly (the Aussie version, it's the best and most updated) but before I know it, my addiction has pushed me to a twice weekly dose of New Weekly and Who (also the Aussie version) magazine. I can't seem to get enough. And now, I'm on my twice a day habit of and

I can never quite survive a day without my daily fix of tabloid and I'm forever itching for the next fix. It seems that tabloid makes me forget about all my problems by bringing me into this whole vicarious world of hollywood glitz, glamour and gossips. It's a great distraction especially when you're desperately trying to get over the day's frustration or PMS. It's that vouyeur in me that constantly craves cos I'm perpetually curious about how other people live their lives. Probably becos I'm not quite sure how life is supposed to be actually.

Thing is, I probably never wanna go into rehab for tabloid addiction cos I just need it for my own sanity. It's bad I know but then again, a bit of bad stuff is good for the system (or not?). And I've proudly bought myself a tee shirt that reads "Tabloid Junkie" and paraded in it in full glory yesterday. Now, gimme more tabloid!!


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