Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dear God, please Bring Croc Hunter Back!

All I ever want this Christmas is for Steve Irwin the legendary Crocodile Hunter to come back to life. His death left me terribly heart-broken and it's really the worst news I've heard for a long while. It's totally ruined my day and it's got to be on a Monday that he died. I haven't really recovered from the shock and grieve of this devastating news. This world has seriously lost a very precious soul who dedicated his life to the preservation of wildlife and environment.

I've been getting quite some puzzled comments regarding my sadness of this news cos some of my friends think that I've been over-reacting from his death. Clearly, I feel so much for him is the fact that I've been a major supporter of his shows where he's displayed so much fervent in what he did and felt for. His love and passion for wildlife and animals made him so full of life. It's a far cry from so many people who live their lives half asleep, surviving a daily drawl without feeling much for anything. I admire his drive for things he so strongly believed in cos so very often people do have something they feel passionate about but the frustration of daily life simply extinguishes that fire in them. Think about it, how many kids actually follow through with their dreams of wanting to be an astrounaut, pilot or the under-rated and underpaid firefighter? What happened to that wild crazy dreams we think of when we were young? Well, Steve Irwin followed through with his at least.

I feel so much sadness also because the fact that he's a great person who's contributed so much in the preservation of wildlife. He actually bought plots of forest with the money he made from his documentaries so that that bit of forest can be preserved and nobody can ruin it with deforestation. It's not everyday that we come across someone who put in that much effort into such a commendable cause.

What really broke my heart is the thought of the pain his family has to go through. He's survived by his wife Terri, his 8-year-old daughter Bindi-sue and 3-year-old son Bob whom he controversially brought into the croc pool a couple of years back. It was on Australian national television that he openly expressed his love for his family just about 2 months ago. In it, he said his family was everything to him and he loved his wife so damn much still even though they've been together for almost 20 years.

To be honest, if people like Brad Pitt or someone along that line dies, I really wouldn't feel a thing nor flinch a muscle cos they're just fictional character in some make-believe Hollywood flicks. But Steve was always himself in all his shows and that made him so real to me. I'm watching him, and not some alter-ego persona in motion picture and that makes me feel as if I know him because of his sincerity and passion in life.

It's said that he didn't suffer much when he died, I really hope so but as they all said, he died doing something he loved so much and that's probably how he would want to go anyway. I dunno...it still makes me really sad....I just hope he's gone to a better world with all his croc pals in heaven. I'm pretty sure God would take care of him and build him a zoo.....

Rest in peace Steve. We all miss you so very dearly.....


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