Friday, July 30, 2010


Haha...the whole iPad craze is overrated. I just played with Wee Lee's spanking new iPad and I returned it back to him after 5 minutes cos well, it's really just a giant iTouch which I already have...and I guess Uncle Josh is right when he said the iPad is just a white elephant cos after awhile, it'll be a blind spot and you'll just go back to using your Macbook/laptop/desktop instead....Very true...Even Wee Lee is kinda regretting it I think....anyone wants to buy an iPad? Wee Lee is willing to sell and delivery to your door steps! Let me know!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Meal

I've never been a MacDonald fan but then on a FML day where I've been working nonstop with idiots calling me every other minutes to hound me, Princess brought in my wrong order of MacDonald Happy Meal. As I bit into the dry leathery bun and stale patty, my eye caught a glimpse of the Happy Meal toy and my eyes suddenly opened real big!

HELLO KITTY!!!!!!!!! Woot! Look!

And it's a light thing but I don't exactly know what it does but who cares? It's so cute! It's Hello Kitty in London!

Kawaii! Happy meal...happy indeed!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Beauty

"Once you go black, you can't go back" doesn't just describe um, you know what....this racy comment applies to hair as well...yes, the hair on your head. Once you color your hair black, the color will stick for a looooong time and the only way to lighten hair is to use harsh bleach cos if you use normal hair color, salon or DIY, the color will not show, even if you pick a really light color. You can try but trust me, your hair will still be black cos black pigment sticks to your hair shaft like super glue...

But recently, I had a rather unsatisfactory professional hair color fact, I've never had a decent one cos I've always wanted ash brown hair color without any tinge or red. But whenever I go for a hair color job and despite my relentless effort to tell the hair stylist that my hair has a lot of red pigments (My natural color's not black, it's got a very reddish tone) and that I don't want my brown to look red, the hair would still come out reddish brown...I absolutely HATE that...and my recent visit to the hair salon wasn't any different. I walked home with reddish brown...and it's a total waste of money cos I hate it....Not to mention it dries up my hair too....

So enough is enough and I've decided to go black again. I've always LOVED jet black hair cos it's so nice and exotic. Not in the scary ghostly way, nor the ratty matted type...I mean luscious silky black hair is so nice and gorgeous...And so I did it...I don't think I'll be touching any hair color for a while now...but while talking about going black with Josh, he said "Hunny, just stick to black for now for god's sake cos guys don't care and we like it black on Asians. Period. Any other color is just gonna make you look like an ah lian and it cheapens the look"

I told him, firstly, I color my hair to suit myself and not to please anyone, let alone that annoying gender with a dick. So it started this whole debate on whether men actually prefers black or very dark brown on Asian chicks. Josh swears men prefer black on Asian girls and he said I can ask anyone...I didn't quite believe so I did a mini straw poll....

Alvo: I prefer black....not too brown please

Wee Lee: Not too brown or light....maybe a hint of nice brown in the sun is okay

J: Black is nice....lighter color looks skanky lah....and so many girls are coloring their hair that color...

K: Black nice lah, but must be shiny and silky if not will look like Filipino maid...if it's the ratty matted kind of black, then I'd rather it brown...but some browns are damn ugly...cos it's almost like yellowish...looks diseased

Markus (white boy): I have yellow fever...I hate Caucasian chicks and I LOVE black hair, so exotic. Don't color it...

Oh my....looks like Josh might be right....he said "It's the same thing, what do you think of Asian men with non-black hair? I mean the type that's colored. Have you seen any nice ones around or not? You name me one nice one!" Well....honestly I couldn' my defiant way, I said I'm sure some would look nice with non-black hair...but then, truth be told, I could only think of the horrible colored ones...and I couldn't name one single Asian boy who's got nice colored hair....hmm...okay, fine. Black it is then....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

French Secrets

Okay, you've heard that French women don't get fat but then I think French women age really gracefully too...and being forever fascinated with all things French, I recently read an article that says 33% of  French teenagers between 15 to 19 years old are already using anti-aging products! Wow!! We're way behind! Time to catch up!

And here's this very interesting article about French women's beauty and style secret to aging gracefully! All of us can use some of their advice! Click Here to read on to find out more about their sense of je ne sais quoi!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Letter to Fairy God Mother

Dear Fairy God Mother,

How have you been? Haven't heard from you for a long while (actually, I don't remember when was the last time I heard from you....boohoohoo) so it would be good to erm..."catch up"...Anyway, I've been good, except that I do have a big wish list that I'm sure as hell you'll be happy to fulfill (?)! I've been a good girl too, working and slaving away making not a lot of moolah and I haven't been shopping other than buying sanitary pad too! So I think I do deserve some candy from you! Anyway, to cut long story short, here's my wish list for your perusal...
  • Lancome Tresor In Love Perfume
  • Keiko Mecheri Le Peau de Peche Perfume (ok ok, I won't be greedy and I'll stop at 2 with the perfume but then Keiko Mecheri isn't available in
  • Less work more pay
  • Boss to miraculously stop micro-managing
  • Things to fall in place or otherwise
  • A new pair of dark denim skinny J Brand jeans....(my most loved and trusted J Brand doesn't fit...I think it either shrank or I put on weight...I wish it's the former...oh boo hoo hoo....)
  • Some nice heels which I can actually walk in without needing to get my foot amputated (Louboutins and Zanottis are great by the way)
  • A soft pink Balenciaga Work bag (Anthracite is good too..either one is fine) with gold giant hardware
  • Some new comfy flats (cos I've been wearing the same old black flats for eons! And I think it's about to fall apart)
  • Free mesotherapy jabs....(to melt the unwanted fat)
  • No more mozzie bites please! I've been bitten like 293849743987394 times and my limbs look "diseased" from the bites...
  • A good hair coloring job that actually kills the red in the hair and give me real ash brown please!
  • Cartier gold Love bangle...(yeah, the one which requires a screw to open? yes, that one!)
  • Tiffany key necklace....(erm, can I asked for the gold one with the four leave clover middle and 4 teeeny weeny diamonds? Thank you very much)
  • More bonus
  • Better pay raise (like at least 20% of my current pay please!!!! It's currently at a pathetic 3% or so I think)
  • Unlimited supply of Cle de Peau Beaute Lip Treatment and concealer (lip treatment depleting fast and I didn't have the concealer fairy god mom!)
  • Bliss Spa vouchers (oh fairy god mom, I've been working hard!!)
  • Oh and that "thing" you know I've always wanted! I know you know!
Now it would be good if you could come erm "catch up" with me soon cos I sure as hell miss ya heaps!!

Your neglected fairy god daughter

Friday, July 16, 2010

Notable Quotable

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. 
 I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. 
   But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." 

— Marilyn Monroe, Painting My Nails Bright Pink

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blahhhh day

It's one of those blahhh days....uninspired, tired and sleepy, heaps to do, nothing much to look forward to, no shopping (actually no $$), gym awaiting (oh no...), no nice lunch (boring fishball noodle), nothing interesting happening.........yeah, one of those really boring bland days that leaves you wanting to zonk out.....and it's only Wednesday....

How do some people keep themselves so bubbly and energetic at all times?? What's the secret to being so damn alive and brimming with enthusiasm without taking drugs?? Or am I just getting old here??? Can someone just enlighten me??? How to be super chirpy, happy shiny all the time???


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Classy and Fabulous

Coco Chanel (aka the woman who defined and is still defining elegance) once said:

"A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous"....

That's one of Mademoiselle Coco's famous quote and it's so damn true and it's such simple wisdom, yet being classy unfortunately isn't something innate in many female of the human species...My friend J and I both agree that as time progresses, we're seeing more and more un-classy acts from women and J said let's blame it on the whole girl power misinterpreted thing because "They just think they can do whatever, be it being crass and LC (aka Low Class) and get away with it by saying it's a feminist thing cos women can do's quite stupid cos some stuff like getting totally drunk looks worse on men than women but these bunch of girls think it's fine"....yes, there's some truth to it cos if you think back say 15 years ago, the female bunch used to be better behaved....were they? I dunno....but I do see quite a bit of un-classy acts though.... And here are some examples of an non-classy act in its full glory that I've seen that made me cringed:
  • Being greedy....ohhh, here's the juice...guess who don't sue but a local radio airhead celebrity I had the misfortune to work with once asked for a jewelery company I was working for to loan her jewelery for her wedding (which is now over btw). Jewelery company agreed and she actually got her wedding planner to ask for a gift from the collection of jewelery and the wedding planner said "Oh she just really wants something small as a token to remember the wedding like a small ring or pendant, so I hope you can give it to her".....a couple of days later, the wedding planner said "Oh she really loves that diamond bracelet and is wondering if that can be the gift"....WTF? The bracelet in question had many 1-carat yellow and white diamonds on it and cost $900,000 SGD! Ohhhh...that's something small....AND, the same low class "celebrity" met me to do a roving radio report when I was working at LVMH back then, it was a perfume event and she came to me (the marketing manager) and said "You know I really LUUURVE this perfume!!! I bought it and love it but I gave it to my sister and now I don't have it"...then she blinked her eyes at me and looked at me and didn't turn It's just a fucking bottle of perfume and she could be so low class to blatantly ask me for it.....gross....Pretty glad I won't have to work with her now....*fingers crossed*
  • Skanky girl approaches a bunch of guys at a pub, chat and flirt up a storm, then exchange numbers with guys, then next day, gives guy(s) a quick missed call (quick enough for the other person to not pick up) and then follow by text message that says "Hey (insert name)...."Now, this is how to be un-classy 101....because 1)it's got desperation written all over 2)your little tactics of getting the guy to call back with the quick missed call is pathetic, making it LOOK like the guy took the initiative by calling back after you give a missed call is quite a low blow...3) if the guy is interested, he would call yes, sod off you skank....
  • Getting so drunk and puking everywhere till the girl gotta be carried out of the club and then later sprawling all over the road side with her panty in full display...nuff said....
  •  Talking loudly, swearing and cursing on the phone in a shouting screaming match....please go do that in private please
  •  Skanky girls wearing very little clothes...Uncle Josh told me this cos he was at Heeren and saw two girls wearing a tie-around top and short shorts while a bunch of malay boys were leering at them. I guess if they want to look like the working girls at Orchard Tower, I think they've done well.....less (cloth) isn't always more when it comes to classy dressing....A slight hint of cleavage, sexy. Half the boobs dangling out, skanky
  • Squatting and smoking at the same time.....the typical "Ah Lian" thing to makes the girl look like she's attempting to take a dump with her pants or skirt on....ewwww....Ah Meow would cringe at this....
Oh another example of being totally NOT classy is this youtube video....go laugh your head off now....

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Fifi Tank Top!

    This Fifi Lapin Tank Top from Forever21 is LOVE!!!! Ah Meow helped me get it! Fifi's my alter-ego! Woot! I debuted it over the weekend....yeah very casual...can't really wear to work without a nice trim blazer (grey), skinny jeans and heels....

    Me Heart Fifi Lapin!!!

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    A Blast of Positivity!

    You might have heard of the book "The Secret" know the book about the laws of attraction that Oprah Winfrey swears by? It says you attract into your life whatever you want by thinking of it and by wanting it enough with all the positive thoughts and energy. In short, it says if you think of something enough, that something will happen and materialize and if you keep thinking of good thoughts, more good thoughts and good stuff will come to you and bad thoughts means you attract more bad find out more, click here

    Thing is, I've been testing The Secret on and off for about 2 years now (actually longer than that cos during the phase where my family was into the whole crystal healing hippie thing, my dad and I went for "creative visualization" courses...same stuff, different names)...yes the usual, when things were good, I totally forgot about it, and I'll come begging and trying when things are shit....but the thing is that, well, I really do think The Secret works....some observations I've made during last couple of weeks cos the last couple of weeks have been rather freaky....cos I've been back on using "The Secret" but I've never experienced anything this freaky in the past....

    • Writing a journal to vent your frustration and sadness is BAD for you....well, the concept is such that when you dwell on something bad or write/think/bitch about it, you give it more energy by merely focusing on it and thus it attracts more sadness and frustration. Now thing is, for years, since my uni years, I've been writing a journal and well, most people write about sad stuff cos when things are good, people seldom write about journal is a bit like an emotional punching bag....and after 3497394387 Moleskine notebooks later (jesus, I dunno what to do with it now), I finally stopped some time back...probably late last year...and my observation is...yes, writing about it seemed to have make more shit stuff happened cos how then do you explain volumes and volumes of shitty journal entries about life's trauma? Like there's no pause at all and it's just shit after shit....And I remember throughout these years, there're a few occasions that I took a hiatus from journaling and now I recall those hiatus tend to be yes, universe, I get it now...I won't dwell anymore (try not to) and I won't keep a sad journal and there'll be no more writing about shitty stuff....these days I keep a happy and gratitude journal and I record only good stuff....
    • If you think of something and visualize it enough, it will happen (totally in tune with the law of attraction)....and let me tell you something really really freaky....the whole of last week (and probably a bit of the week before that), BB had been having some gum problem with a painful swollen gum and he wasn't able to really eat properly without much pain....then last Thursday night, his gum got real bad and when he opened up his mouth, there was an abscess with a pus and it's so swollen (gross I know...) that it looked like there's an alien growing in that lump....then I was just trying the whole visualization thing on him and I visualize him recovering and in the pink of health without gum issue, and happily eating away at his favorite Japanese place....and being really good at day-dreaming, the images were crystal clear in my head...I could imagine the smell, the taste and his smile etc...and something bloody freaky happened. The next day, he texted me saying that something strange happened and his gum issue miraculously disappeared....the pus was gone, the swollen was gone and it's as if nothing has ever simply Bermuda-triangulated....poof!...gone...and he was supposed to be going to a dentist to drain the pus the fuck did that happen???? I can imagine the gum getting better overnight but not DISAPPEARING..... Now I call myself the "healer"...haha...being a good daydreamer and good imagination rock!
    • Last week, I was doing the whole being positive thing and I downloaded "The Secret" in the movie format (it's more like a documentary)...and while I was watching it, some banker said he just visualized receiving money and cheques in mail and money and cheques really came in blah blah blah....and I thought to myself (still mildly cynical) about not being greedy and I'll just imagine shopping vouchers...that would be nice? I did my stuff and guess what? The next day, in the middle of the day, out of the blue, Watsons called me and said they're mailing me a 20 bucks shopping voucher to thank me for being a loyal customer. Look, you might said, well that's cos you bought lots of stuff...but hey, I have been a loyal customer at Watsons (HL calls it the "Watsons Temple"! LOL), but why only now that I got it? Coincidence or not I dunno, but I know I'll keep thinking positive....
    Well....that's what happened recently (actually the second and last point), but I thought point No.2 about BB's gum issue was just a tad freaky....I dunno...honestly, I dunno how the whole thing happened and I dunno how The Secret or how exactly the Law of Attraction works....but I know one thing for sure....positive thinking is no doubt good and I'll definitely be doing it even when people (like BB) doubt it TRULY works....and I guess from now on, no more blogging about negative stuff....bitchiness will still be there perhaps but I'm probably gonna be focusing a bit more on something good....oh now....I dunno if I'll run out of things to blog about now....

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    " 做人一定要信...."
                                             -月神偷 (Echoes of the Rainbows)

    Friday, July 09, 2010

    Happy Candy Dandy Song

    Ohhh what a happy song...California Girls by Katy Perry is the perfect Friday song....just so catchy that I'll sing along while I work out to it....

    The MTV is a bit freaky Charlie and the Chocolate Factory + Alice in Wonderland...and Katy Perry's cupcake bra's kinda....erm....weird....But all in good humor....

    Thursday, July 08, 2010

    I wish I were a Swan

    My "Miss B Aunt Agony Hotline" has been ringing nonstop and sometimes it sucks to hear so many it relationship, work, financial or whatever you can think of. Recently, a couple of friends have told me about their relationship problems, like someone's cheating and feeling's gone. Then another one having problems and going for therapy. One friend having panick attack and mild depression cos work's having problem....It's SO HARD being a human don't you think? Sometimes I wonder isn't it easier being an animal because there're not as much least it won't be problems of human complexity.

    Depending on your religion, they all said human being is the best life form...Buddhist says your being human in this life is a blessing from all the karma and being human is superior (like if you have shitty karma, you'll be a pig and get slaughtered etc)....Christian says you're God's children and the gift of life as a human is good blah blah blah....Really?? But it seems like we're plagued by problems from the day we pop out of our moms' started out being dependent on your parents and pooping everywhere, then learn to not get whacked by having good potty hygiene and not poop all over your pants, then struggle in school to get good grades and not bullied, then fight with all your peers to get that good job that promises better prospect, then fall in love to get your heart broken a few times and then struggle through maintaining a relationship (come on, relationship is hard work), then try not to get in debt while paying for your mortgage and making enough so you won't need to resort to eating tree bark, then you get cancer/diabetics/heart diseases etc, then you struggle a couple more years and then you die, and if you're lucky, you'll have someone to give you a nice funeral and good eulogy.....erm, what's the appeal??? Sounds like Buddha has some pretty good insights when he said "Life is a sea of sufferings" no?

    If I get to choose, I'd want to be a swan in a park though my favorite animal is the Beluga whale but thanks to the bloody cold-blooded Japanese, erm no thanks...I'd choose to be a swan thank you very much. Why? First, if you're swan in a park, you get fed and won't have to worry about finding food. So your daily survival is taken care of. You have no problem find a place to live and assuming you're a swan in a decent park, you're likely to live in a nice lake and you get to leisurely swim around while passersby admire your beauty and feed you with bread crumbs. And you don't need to work and make dough! It means no need to work with a tons of moron to make that peanuts you get every month end. If you're sick, the park vet would treat you, so no need for expensive healthcare... And swans are naturally graceful, so no need to worry about appearance and go on depressing diet of eating saw dust in order to loose weight nor botox your frown lines away.....Then the best of all, Swans mate for life and once you find a mate, you're together forever and no more breaking up and picking up the pieces, so bye bye domestic drama. Isn't it so much easier and more straight forward? Hmmm....So yes, I want to be a swan please....and I'll call myself Odette.......

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Are we meeting today?

    How often do you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/partners/other half?

    In the past, I used to average twice or 3 times a week but currently with BB, I see him everyday cos we pretty much live in the same place. I remember once upon a time, my gorgeous work neighbour Chris told me that she meets her boyfriend (, fiance! Congrats!) everyday and they would spend time everyday. I was a bit freaked out cos yes I do know that there're some couples who meet daily but I always think that maybe they're a bit obsessive. But then now that I'm in that arrangement, I'm actually quite comfortable with it and actually like it.

    A reader once told me that she likes living together with her boyfriend cos it means there's no more "Are we meeting today or what?" questions and one too many girlfriends of mine have once expressed that they find the whole "when should I meet my boyfriend" bit a little hard to figure out. I used to have the same problem in the past especially with people whom I just started dating...I'd feel deterred to even ask the person to meet up cos I hate rejection and I also worry if the person's meeting out of obligation (okay, I have issues asking for things in general but that's a totally different issue altogether). A lot of my girlfriends said they don't wanna impose or infringe on the other person's space and a couple of them also once said that they're worried that meeting the guy more would mean the guy will get sick of them faster and then the guy would be complacent and start doing less for the flowers would disappear, the loving texts and sms will dwindle, the affection will lessen, the sparkle will lose its luster, the honeymoon will be over sooner....Well, I guess that's a valid fear and I have the same fear too, don't we all?

    So when I asked Chris (by now you should figure that I regard Chris and her man as the ideal model couple) if she or her man gets bored meeting everyday and if it means they'll gets too comfortable with each other....Chris the wise said "Well, it doesn't mean everyday has to be exciting, sometimes it's about spending time doing things together and the companionship is important. Come on, if you can't even face the person everyday now, how do you expect to face the person for a life time?"

    Wow....I've never thought of it that way. I guess it's quite a motto..."If you can't even face the person everyday now, how do you expect to face the person for a life time?" Chris' quote is so true! Now that I think of it, I actually have couple friends who get totally maladjusted after they get married cos all of a sudden, they have to face each other everyday and live together and they get a whole different set of problems with it. Looks like Chris' quote is something I'm gonna live by now!

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010

    Echoes of the Rainbow

    I finally got to watch Echoes of the Rainbow (歲月神偷) and it's now officially one of my favorite Hong Kong films....I've been wanting to watch it since its release in February this year but then when it came to Singapore, it's dubbed in Mandarin and I waited till now cos watching in Mandarin's just not right to the Cantonese milieu and the wait was totally worth it.

    It's written and directed by Hong Kong director Alex Law (who also made 秋天的童話, another of my favorites) and it talks of a family of 4 in the old Hong Kong through the eye of a shoemaker's son and the film features Sandra Ng and Simon Yam (both my favorites) and 2 other new commers...a very young boy named Buzz Chung (trust the Hongkie to gave a weird name like Buzz) and Aarif Lee (sounds kinda muslim) and they both performed brilliantly! As usual, the two silver screen veterans, Sandra and Simon, gave a heart felt performance and Buzz was exceptional, considering the fact that he's only 8 years old. And so did of course helps that he's super hot!!! Woot!

    But it's definitely one tear jerker! Ah Meow and I both teared but the whole film has this nice nostalgic innocence of the old Hong Kong when the people were poor and things were simple. I find the simplicity the winning formula where every interactions between people (ie all the characters in there) were sincere - the kind of genuine sincerity that's hard to find in today's society. Despite its tendency to make people finish all their tissue paper (to soak up the tears), it's very well-balanced by the playful voice of the 8-year-old son, making it one of those bittersweet movies that makes you smile from the heart while bawling your eyes out. It's a definite must-watch! It received roaring success and it won the Best Screenplay in HK's film award. Simon Yam won Best Actor and Aarif Lee clinched the Best Newcomer. Not to mention it took home the Crystal Bear in Best Film in the Children's Jury in Berlin's International Film Festival! Kudos to Alex Law! And I'm gonna get it in DVD for sure!!!

    Monday, July 05, 2010

    Sweaty Willie...'s Monday again and yet another weekend too short has passed so damn quickly and now I'm having Monday blues...actually it started last maybe here's some stupid and potentially funny thing for you.....Hmmm...the other day in C-lee's car, we're all talking rubbish as usual and then somehow the topic of penis came up (also as usual)...and suddenly I thought of something that most people never thought of and till now, I still dunno the answer....and the million dollar question is....

    Can or does a penis sweat? You know the skin on the shaft? Can or does it sweat?

    See...nobody really knows the answer....some said yes, some said no, I said no cos the willie is of a lower temperature than the body...then uncle josh said oh what if you're in a sauna, does it sweat? dunno....scottie said he thinks it does but very very little....everyone has their theory and I tried to google luck...and do I ask a urologist or a dermatologist this burning question??? Hmmmm....I really really wonder...if you know the answer, let me know please! Curiosity kills Miss B!

    Saturday, July 03, 2010

    Cutest Kitten

    And the cutest kitten award goes to....

    Awwwwww......soooo cute!!! It's real by the way! A tiny bun-head Scottish Fold kitten....super duper cute! Awwww.....Mr Bond would agree too! It's too cute! Look at the cute pink nose! I just melt!

    Friday, July 02, 2010

    Little Annoyances

    Arghh...don't you sometimes get pissed off by little things? Not the major stuff that get you to blow your top but the little annoyances that's enough to tick you off....They're like bad paper cuts instead of a stab with a stings but not enough to knock you out and it's just there.....Recently, there're just quite a lot but nah, it's not PMS......I've thought of some of my recent annoyances that have occurred they are:

    • Fish skin on my salmon sashimi. I HATE, ABSOLUTELY hate it when cuts of my sashimi comes with the skin...I find it super disgusting to see fish skin on sashimi and not only does it look a bit creepy with its dark bits, it tastes horrid with a disgusting texture too. Cos it's a bit fishier and the texture makes me feel like I'm biting into a house lizard. Not that I've ever tried but it's how I would imagine it to be....But when you're soooo looking forward to sinking your teeth into the sweet and yummy sashimi, you pick it up with your chopsticks, and alas! Skin!! What a wet blanket!
    • Hair color doesn't turn out the way you want it. see, you don't die over it but then if you go to a salon to get your hair color, and the color doesn't come out the exact shade you want, it's quite a FML moment cos you might as well don't do it. It's a change yes but it's a pain in the ass. Two days ago, I went to a Japanese salon to get my hair color cos I thought they would be super precise with color since they're Japanese (if you look at Japanese hair magazines, you'll know they're sooooo particular). I specifically told them I want ASH brown. ASH brown and an ASH brown without any tinge of red and I told them specifically that my natural hair has a lot of red pigments and the brown always shows up a bit reddish....bam...NOT ash brown but the same red tinged brown....I don't like it!!!! Bwahhhh!
    • When your instant noodle is crushed. You open a pack of instant noodle or cup noodle and they're all shattered bits and the hell are you gonna eat it properly? Eating shards of broken noodle bits somehow doesn't make me feel full....
    • Very long ATM queue....self explanatory, especially when the one in front keeps hogging the machine and switches cards a few times to use the machine. Makes me wanna slot the card up their butt crack instead to chase them away....
    • Soiled toilet bowl after a long queue...see, when you need to go, you need to go and after waiting in the long ladies' queue for like eternity, you walked into the cubicle with smeared of poo on the bowl.....*vomit* simply hold your breath, think of a faraway land and do your business....
    • The specific route you ask the cab driver to take ends up super jammed up and you end up paying a lot more....
    • You accidentally left your wallet at work or your credit card at the gym after paying...the former means you have no cash to buy food or take transport home and would set you in a panic frenzy asking for people to help or begging on the streets with a poster that says "Trying to go home. Left wallet at home. Please give me some $". Then latter means you'll panick and worry for days if the person who's supposed to safeguard your card would be doing internet purchase with your card instead...
    • Your blogshop purchase doesn't fit and they got the wrong order. Yes, I recently bought two dresses. One doesn't fit cos it's too small and the other one wasn't even what I ordered. Return it? I can't be bothered with the hassle! But it's still very annoying....
    • Waiting for an aunt who's perpetually late to come pick something up for mom.....what's the point of saying 9pm when she didn't show up until 10pm? WTF! I hate it when you're stuck waiting cos you can't really go do your own stuff like have a long shower cos I don't fancy running out of the shower in towels to open the door just to slip and fall cos my feet are wet...annoying...I am super duper anal about punctuality (with the exception of turning in work on time but otherwise I'm almost Nazi when it comes to being punctual...military precision almost)
    I'm pretty sure I'm able to think of or experience more of the "paper cuts" in the next couple of weeks to come....hmmm.....

      Thursday, July 01, 2010

      July Muse

      OMG OMG, it's already July and I can't believe half of 2010 is gone! It's freaky!!! But here's July Muse anyway!

      Reading: The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo.Coco Chanel has always been my personal hero and an inspiration....she's smart, strong, sexy, successful, sensual and seductive..and it's not just about the glorious 2.55 but it's her attitude and I've been reading this book on and off for awhile and it's a nice read that's also talks a bit about all aspects of her life too so if you're curious about Mademoiselle Chanel, you'll enjoy this book.....and whenever I find myself in a shitty dilemma or stuck, I'll do what I called "Do Coco Chanel" and I'll ask myself "What would Coco do?"....

      Watching: BBC Life Series....Life is a nature documentary series made by BBC television, first broadcast as part of the BBC's "Darwin Season on BBC One and BBC HD from October to December 2009. The series takes a global view of the specialised strategies and extreme behaviour that living things have developed in order to survive; what Charles Darwin termed "the struggle for existence". Four years in the making, the series has been shot entirely in high definitionBB got hold of the BBC Life series and it's amazing!!! All beautifully might seem boring but once you start watching, it really just captivates you and you'll be in awe at the wonders of our nature...makes me wonder if there really is a God cos all these intricate creatures surely can't be created by a random big bang or can it? Hmmm...

      Using: Decleor Aromessence White Brightening Concentrate Face Oil....It's been one of my favorite and I've given it a rest for a couple of months and now I'm back to using it because my facial therapist said I have dry surface....booo....but I already use quite a bit of cream so I guess it's time to whip out the face oil. It's super good for my dry skin and it smells wonderful with Neroli...I love the scent! And a teeeny goes a long way. I only need about 2 drops for my entire face...

      Eating: ClearSpring Ono Japanese Rice Cake in miso flavor. It's organic and it's crispy and very tasty...and the best bit, it's low calorie and fat free! How great is that? Good thing BB doesn't really like it cos nobody would fight with me over it! Yum...get it at Brown Rice Paradise. Ohhhh talking about it makes me wanna eat it now...I dunno why BB doesn't like it...

      Popping: Cal-Mag shoulder's been giving some problem and it's aching all the chiropractor told me before that I should take calcium-magnesium supplement all the time cos it helps keep the muscle hydrated and it'll help with the aches...and it does...I stopped it for a bit and now I'm back on it. Another motivation to pop the tablets regularly is that not only is calcium good for the bones, research has shown that skinnier people have higher level of calcium in their body so it's good to keep it a higher level of calcium...

      Carrying: My trusted Balenciaga Part Time in Magenta....I'm giving my Mulberry Alexa and the rest of my Mulberry clan more rest time and I'm rediscovering why I totally love Balenciaga....and Part Time is so much better than Work cos it's a less common shape (a bit more longish)...and I just love the soft lamb skin and the vibrant color! You can never get sick of a Balenciaga bag!! And Balenciaga will always been one of my favorites! Always! I have 2 Balenciaga, one Part Time in Magenta and a First in electric I love them! I know now the giant hardware is the Balenciaga to carry but I never really like the giant hardware somehow. I think the studs are too big and it looks I still prefer the original small hardware.....Wish I can have more Balenciaga bags! But right now, I have enough bags of all sizes to last me for a very very long I will not be buying any bags for awhile...

      Loving: Bliss Spa!!!!! I just had a Best of Skintention facial from Bliss the other day! It's well, sheer bliss! And it comes with a shoulder and neck not to love? Bliss Spa is officially my favorite spa! The other time I had such a fab massage there! Thing is, I prefer the massage over facial but of course the facial is great too! Wish it's longer though cos it's 60 minutes...It's gonna be one of my places of indulgence from now on!

      Buying: Vouchers from Beeconomics! Well, I've previously mentioned Beeconomic in my previous post and I love it! Click HERE to visit their website to find out more. They basically bring you the best deal in town using economy of scales to buy in bulk and lower the prices....I recently bought another facial voucher for only 50 bucks that's supposed to cost 250 bucks....What's not to love? Sign up for their email updates to be informed of the latest deals....they have food and beverage vouchers too and I have a feeling it's gonna be the next big's such a clever concept!!!!

      Surviving on: Burt's Bees Outdoor Bug Bite Relief....woe is me! I keep getting bitten by mosquitoes and I mean I get new bites almost every day and I dunno why! It's not at home for sure cos there's never any mozzies at home but I think it's my office cos the bloody door sometimes gets opened and not shut and the mozzies fly in to attack me. And I'm ALWAYS the first to get bitten and hence it makes me the ultimate mozzie repellent cos if you're next to me, you're safe cos the mozzies come to me instead. And now my legs and arms are totally mangled and there're so many bloody bites and they itch like motherf#$ker! Don't scratch, you suffer, scratch, you scar. FML indeed but now I can't live without my Burt's Bees bug relief. It's a little stick that smells wonderful and you apply directly on the bites. It takes a minute to set in but it does stop the's my new bff....


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