Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gimme Back My Health!

I've been sick. Utterly sick...it's a really very bad spell cos first I took out 4 wisdom teeth at one go earlier in the month and the recovery took about a week and a half and just as I was about to feel better, I'm down with the shittiest of all flu. I haven't been this sick for a really long time. The last time I got this sick was more than a year an a half ago with fever and tonsillitis but this time, I got really bad flu that didn't go away and it keeps coming back. I went to the doctor twice within a week, first last Thursday and came home with some runny nose and cough syrup. Then today, back with antibiotics, fever meds, lozenges, and runny nose stuff. I hope this fix it. Now I finally know why people in the middle ages could actually die from the flu....

Thing is, it sucks to be living alone when you're sick. I've been living on my own since I was a teen and much as I love the freedom and solitude, I absolutely hate it when I'm ill. Like today, there wasn't anyone to bring me to the doctor and I had to call a cab so I can go down, get in the cab and be on the way to the doc. And I remember in the past, I had crawled my way to the hospital because of food poisoning etc...it's really not fun.

Then comes the problem of food. Not only do I have to lug my own groceries back, I gotta make my own meal and I was too sick to do that, so this is what I did....

Yup, takeaway...Porridge takeaway from Crystal Jade is what I've been surviving on. I'll just go there and order in bulk like 3 at a time so it's enough for one day....and I'll just be eating, popping meds, sleeping, coughing, blowing nose, sleeping.....it sucks!!! I want my mom!!! And I want my health back!!! I would drink shampoo if it means instant recover and perfect health! I've really taken good health for granted and after I recover, I would go get a flu vaccine pronto. It really works cos I had one about a year and a half ago and I didn't fall sick until now...you're supposed to get a jab yearly...so yes, after I recover, flu vaccine! And I'm so gonna take good care of my own health!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What the hell is this????

I'm utterly shocked when I saw this bus advertisement by Porter! Why the hell do they put a bruised woman there for a bag ad??? Isn't it a bit too much? Violence against women shouldn't even be used to sell bags and this trivialises violence against women....for a BAG??? And it's just a fucking Porter bag...not even a Chanel 2.55! How ridiculous!!! I'm horrified that it's even allowed! Boycott!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mineral Treat

Tried & Tested time. Haven't tried any new products for awhile but couple of days ago, I got the new Maybelline Mineral 2 Way Foundation from my shrine Watsons. It's the first foundation cake for mineral foundation cos most of the mineral make up comes in the form of loose powder that very often gets too messy, so this one is truly nifty and neat.

I've used mineral foundation before from Bare Minerals and L'Oreal but I didn't quite like it despite the fact that mineral make up is supposed to be good for your skin with skin caring properties. But I find most loose powder type of mineral foundation a bit cakey and the application gets a bit uneven if you're not used to using it or if you're a bit too heavy handed and pick up too much with the brush. So this one is a good foundation if you want a mess-free mineral foundation.

The coverage is truly average compared to its loose powder mineral foundation counterpart when you use it dry. Then again, I normally like something light so it works fine for me but I would imagine people who prefer to have a bit more coverage to think it's a bit light. You really need to use it with a wet sponge for better coverage.

The staying power, however, is pretty decent even when I was having a pretty nasty flu and was blowing my nose quite a fair bit. Of course the tip of my nose had no foundation left from all the nose blowing but the foundation stayed pretty well on my forehead which tends to get a bit shiny at the end of the day. 

The verdict? I would say 3 out of 5. The Maybelline Angel Fit foundation is actually a tad better if you're after an affordable foundation. Otherwise, my favorite is still Ettusais Sparkling Pack.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why so critical?

It's a known fact that being a woman isn't easy and we're under constant pressure to look our best. Got a bit of water retention and you'll get people telling you things along the likes "Having too much carb lately?". Have a couple of late work nights and the next couple of days someone is bound to say "You're looking so tired? What's with your eye bags?"....and you're supposed to smile and be okay with it....my ass cos hello? If you have nothing nice to say, zip it and the shitty part is, some of the most critical, ego-slashing comments come from women ourselves!

Just the other day I was at Kinokuniya's magazine section and I saw the latest Shape magazine cover with a new and very svelte Kelly Osbourne. While I was marveling at her wonderful transformation, I overheard two girls behind me talking about Kelly O on the cover...

"Wah, sure or not? Sure fake one, she where got so skinny, not possible lah, must be photoshopped, if not confirmed plastic surgery and liposuction"

"Her body's skinny but then her face still look fat like a bao (bun)"

"Either way, she's still ugly loh, dunno why they put ugly celeb on the cover"

Now seriously? Do you have to be THAT harsh? Since when did we women get so harsh on each other? I turned around to take a curious look at the two girls and pffffff!!....It's not like they're super models (one on the chubby side with muffin top and the other one decent but with bad pimply skin, I'm merely describing, not trying to insult). I don't understand it really....why so harsh? Cos we girls all know it's hard being female of the species, so instead of empowering each other, many women actually rip each other's esteem apart with vicious remarks. You don't see that on guys (straight ones I mean) and they tend to think each other are damn great even if they look like Danny DeVito.

Kelly O went from flab to fab and I think her Shape cover is AWESOME! Her healthy image is a far cry from the lost little overweight girl bugged by a drug habit, so people ought to cut her some slack! I love her! And can't we start being happy for other people's happiness and success? Time to be nice and kind to our own gender! Yes, no, maybe?!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Notable Quotable

"Intimacy is a four syllable word for, 'Here's my heart and soul, please grind them into hamburger, and enjoy'."

---Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Trending?

This morning, I opened up the yahoo Singapore page looking to see updates on the dueling North & South Koreans and the drama in Cambodia, only to be somewhat disturbed by the kind of searches that are trending on Yahoo SG. Take a look....

Okay, it's not really clear here but it's got "Star Search 2010", "Miley Cyrus", "Bruno Mars", "Joanne Peh" and "Prom Dresses".....it's disturbing that amidst all the crisis happening around in Asia, these are the things people care to search about.....and I thought it would have been "North Korean Fired Shells" or "Cambodian Stampede".....oh well....things that people care about in Singapore.....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Notable Quotable

"The secret to a good life is bad memory"

--I can't remember who said it but I've read it somewhere 
and it can't be anymore true than this

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ma Petite Cherie

FINALLY got my all time favorite, Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie, replaced. It's actually my signature scent cos throughout the years, different scents come and go and I get tired of them but never Petite Cherie...and this time even better cos there's a limited edition with a cool polka-dot ribbon....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Trinkets

I was supposed to be out hunting for a new toilet seat with Joanie but then I came back with Pandora Jewellery instead....How that happened I can't recall. I only remember that Joanie was the one who wanted to buy something but I ended up buying too.  But well, I was suffering from the post-op pain from the wisdom tooth extraction so I thought I could get something to make myself happy right?

I added a couple of new charm/bead to my Pandora bracelet, first is a super cute garden gnome. Haha, I couldn't resist...he's got such a kind and friendly face and he's holding a 4-leaf clover. He's cuddly looking. It's looking really cute on my Pandora bracelet now. I never thought I would actually get it. Then another purple Murano bead, a pink opal bead and a silver clasp with a dot of gold accent...Haha....I've started wearing my bracelet again after a hiatus and now I'm building my bracelet...well, I'm building it a bit too fast actually. Gotta slow down though I've already known what I want next....oh no...very very bad for my credit card....

Then, I bought 2 rings from Pandora....I know I know...I was supposed to buy toilet seat....but these babies are just way too pretty. I wasn't really looking but then while I was walking around the shop, my eyes caught sight of the oh so nice amethyst ring....the single solitaire amethyst and I couldn't say no. And you can't just buy one cos Pandora rings are meant to be stacked on and you wear them together and little amethyst needs a friend and so I got her a pink opal friend.....They look really nice together! I especially love the fact that the amethyst ring looks so simple, like it's from a cereal box. I have this thing for simple kiddy looking jewellery that looks like it's from a cereal box actually. There's a certain charm about cereal box jewellery cos they're simple, bold and unpretentious.

Ohhhh how I love Pandora! Have always loved it even before I came to Singapore. But I SERIOUSLY hate those fake Pandora bracelets...there're quite some around and it's just cheap and nasty. The quality sucks but you get what you pay for.

Anyway, I'm also looking into gold-plating my wisdom teeth. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed all at one go under GA on 12 Nov and I'm still in some bit of pain now but I really want to gold plate my teeth so I can wear them as a pendant. Not very sure where to get that done. If you know where I can do it, drop me a line!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why I love Pandora

Other than the beautiful jewellery, this is the most beautiful ad I've seen. The song is called Pandora and performed by Danish artist Silas Bjerregaard.............now I love my Pandora jewellery more

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Yaya Toilet "Seats-terhood"

My toilet seat is broken and it got split into half after my sworn brother Nick used it. He probably broke it with his fat ass and I'm horrified cos I REALLY REALLY love my old toilet seat cos it's those good quality one that doesn't feel cheap and flimsy and now I had to go and buy a cheap and flimsy one cos I don't know where to get a proper one....garrr......went down to Home Fix and bought a cheapo $17.90 cheap and nasty one in PINK no less. Big mistake cos the color obviously doesn't match my grey green toilet bowl and deco...but the BIGGEST mistake is that it doesn't quite fit and I had to try to force it in with the help of my twisted sworn sister Joanie......it was a bit of a nightmare....just look at the pictures...
Ohh what a good start to fix toilet seat....looks like Joanie wants a new head dress....

 I'll try out the head gear but due to my overly swollen face thanks to wisdom teeth extraction (all 4 out with GA), I purposely choose a blur picture so you won't see my screwed up face. Talk about twisted "seats-terhood"

 No hammer? No problem! A bottle of conditioner works just as well 
Smells nice when it broke and spill...

Damn it, let me try to get it out....

No prize for guessing that our attempt was an epic failure and I MISS MY OLD TOILET SEAT! I don't want this cheap and nasty one but meanwhile I'll have to put up with this until I find a better one...bahhhh.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lust....white Christmas....

I don't need snow for this Christmas but can I have this white Leica M8 to give me a White Christmas please??? Like pretty PLEASE???? First it was the Hermes M8 and now this white one is oh-so-cool!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Browhaus ROCKS!

Okay, THE ultimate lash extension and brows place found. Yes, it's Browhaus. They're clearly not new but it's my first time with them cos my regular lash extension lady at Far East Plaza has gone on maternity and after having a rather shit job done at Vain Beauty, I ran to Browhaus instead and finally, the perfect lash place! Why perfect? Here's why:
  • They do the individual lash extension instead of the cluster type. I started off my "lash extension career" with cluster extension only to realize it really kills your natural lashes, then now I'm all for individual extension. My unfortunate stint at Vain Beauty had me wearing cluster type cos the person very strongly insisted that I do cluster. I relented only to regret....I hate the stiff and way too plastic feel of cluster extension and I'm all for individual ones. At Browhaus, it's called Lash In Bloom and it's going at $120 a pop
  • No more dingy hole-in-the-wall shop space ala Far East. Browhaus is clean and modern. I've put up with enough gross and dirty looking lash places at Far East. Vain Beauty was no.1 on my hate list cos the beds have all these stains and lose clusters and strands of lashes everywhere and I really wonder if they've ever actually washed the cover...it gives me the creeps cos imagine someone with really greasy hair laying down before you and then you put your head onto the greasy spot....yikes....Browhaus is nice and clean
  • The lashes they use are of better quality that is softer and silkier, thus, more natural looking.
  • The glue they use does NOT irritate the eyes! Now this is the most important point that makes them a winner on my list cos so far, at other lash place, they use these glue that stings the eye and you'll have to hold a little electric blow fan close to your eyes to let the glue dry up so it won't sting and tear you up. I have pretty sensitive eyes and that means I would very often end up holding the little fan for at least 15 minutes and I would still open my eyes to get that teary stingy sensation that is super unpleasant. But at Browhaus, no such problem!!! 
In fact, I love it so much that I bought a package with them and Browhaus it is! My therapist is Angie (Wheelock) and she's gonna be my regular now. She did a really good job! And oh, just so you know, I also succumb to the temptation of doing their Brow Resurrection too. Will blog more about that another time...but so far so good!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I heart Fifi!

Finally got my little hands on the Fifi Lapin book! Fifi is Love! It's finally arrived in Kinokuniya and I literally ran to get it....You'll love this cos it's not your ordinary fashion book but one with lovely cute graphics, great designs and tips plus interviews with some of the top designers..it'll make a great Christmas gift for any fashionista! Some sneak peaks of what's inside...

Now don't you wanna quickly get your own copy? It's super cute!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going going gone....

Ohhhhh great product alert again! This time, the oh-so-great Bioderma makeup remover. I first tried this years ago while on business in Paris and I bought a small bottle off one of those drug stores on the street cos I forgot to bring my makeup remover and I liked. Then some months ago, I saw it selling in Guardian pharmacy and I've stocked up since...It's got thumbs up by many, including my friend cum makeup artist Clarence Lee who now swears by it. It really removes every trace of your make up swiftly and it's non-drying and suitable for sensitive skin. When I use it to remove eye makeup, it doesn't sting my eyes too and that's really great. It's especially good on the go cos it doesn't require rinsing though I still rinse off nonetheless. Also, you don't need to slather it on cotton wool for remove and you need a relatively small amount on a square of cotton wool. I normally use about 2 squares to do a total clean up. Good stuff really. It's available at bigger Guardian and I got mine at Paragon. It comes in two sizes, small one at about 16 bucks a pop and the bigger one at 32 bucks...love it...

Monday, November 08, 2010

Favourite cartoon clip

I'll  never grow up and I'll never get tired of old cartoons. Yes, old cartoons. Specifically old cartoons cos the new ones simply lack the charm and character of the classic ones...they're just too refined to the point that there's no childlike charm to it...and among the old faves, I particularly LOVE Chip & Dale...I love chipmunks, they're so adorable and this particular opening sequence is something I can never get sick of watching and listening...I watch it every now and then, more often than you would imagine...I love it...

Ohhhh and I love Donald Duck too cos he's such little grumpy prankster....I miss my childhood....

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Family WHAAAT?

No, this isn't a music post about ACDC (though I love them) but it's about a certain male anatomical body part: The Scrotum aka The Balls...

Now we've long been using the words "Family Jewels" and you've probably heard it if not said it quite a few times in some forms of conversation but why are man's balls called "Family Jewels"???

I started thinking cos I was threatening serious body harm of the scrotum to my sworn brother Nick when I was warning him to be nice to a certain lady who's very dear to me. I told him he'd better be nice and be good to this girl or I'll personally destroy his collection of motorbikes after having him castrated by a big scary dude with a mutton chop mustache like The Hulk.

He replied: "Why can't I keep the jewels?".....WTF....

The jewels??? The jewels??? Yikes.....Oh why are balls called "Family Jewels"? Why such precious term? And I haven't heard anything near that precious when it comes to having a street slang for the ovaries or vagina.....The worst and most vulgar ways to call a penis and balls are words like "wiener", "dick", "cock", "schlong", "dongs"...whatever....they all seem so common that they aren't even vulgar or profane but the situation isn't the same when it comes to our eggs and vijayjay....somehow, a certain unmentionable C-word comes to mind but how come the boys get such precious and glorifying terms for their reproductive parts? It's unfair I say....

When it comes to female body parts, it's almost always a joke or some serious profanity....our boobs have names like "Bazookas", "Jugs", "Tits", "Fun bags", and the nicest ones I can think of are "puppies", "babies" and "girls"....and what about our ovaries and vijayjay? I honestly can't think of one nice glorious and precious slang for it them....now that really annoys me!!! Time to think of a lovely lovely name for ourselves don't you think?! Something along the lines of "princess", "lovelies", "marvels" would be the way to go....hmmm......yes no maybe?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

November Muse

Sorry bunnies! I've been super busy but I have readers asking me to blog more and so I'm taking some time to post out the November Muse...here you go....By the end of next week, I should be able to have more time to blog...

Reading: A Thousand Crane by Yasunari Kawabata.....I'm unknowingly going through the Nobel Prize Laureate list without knowing....Kawabata is the Nobel Prize Laureate winner in 1968...one of the best post-war writers...

Listening to: Natasha Bedingfield...no particular album...all her songs are nice...I particularly like These Words, A Pocketful of Sunshine, Love Like This, if I can choose a singing voice, I would pick hers...there's so much attitude and girl power oozing out from her voice....that sexy husky and groovy songs...

Using: Jyunka Miracle Fluid......this one comes highly gushed and recommended by Joanie baby and she said it's a must try...got it from Nourish Naturally and it's a strong pure Vitamin C oil fluid that you apply after toner  to boost skin clarity and reduce aging and wrinkles. It's a one fluid does all kinda thing...costs quite a lot for 20ml (erm...about a cheap economy ticket to Bangkok) but you only use one drop each time...I've been using it for 2 months or so and my pores seem finer...

Popping: Caltrate Calcium Tablet.....I did a bone density scan and it says I have pretty shit bone density despite my daily dose of Cal-Mag tablets! So I decided to switch brand and hopefully the Wyeth one would get absorbed better...damn it....I don't want hip replacement at age 55

Loving: The Body Shop Rainforest Hair Care Moisture Hair Butter....I already love the Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and this Hair Butter is awesome. A weekly hair mask, it's very moisturizing and leaves hair super soft and smooth. And a little goes a long way too, you don't need to pile it on...the best bit, it's silicone free, sulphate free, colorant free and paraben free....the magic ingredient that makes your hair go "swish" is Pracaxi oil...magic...I say Abra-Pracaxi!

Also loving Soap & Glory's Endless Glove...this hand cream really leaves my hand super soft and I slather a thick layer on before I go to sleep and wake up with super silky soft hands...it's meant to be like a bit of a hand mask...I should try wearing cotton mittens to intensify the effect...hmm....

Digging: Sonny Hare....Fifi Lapin's boyfriend is one hot bunny...so super cute...

Lusting after: The Balenciaga Work with giant hardware in Eggplant...okay, I finally relented and I start to slowly like the giant hardware...I used to hate the giant hardware when it first came out cos it looks weird to me but now I'm starting to like and I'm starting to lust and I'm gonna get it from Kepris......They have the best deal and great selection and excellent service...if you want an invite (cos it's members only), drop me your email
Also lusting after the FiFi Lapin new pins...it's got 3 new designs and I want to buy them all! Maybe I'll just order all 3 cos year end bonus is in the pipeline...

My sister the great!

Ohhhh I love my sister! Beck Beck sent me a box of birthday goodies and she knows me so well that she knew I'll take forever to collect it that she actually sent it wayyy in advance to buffer for my procrastinating ways. And I've got this!

Ohhhh full of Rilakkuma stuff! I love Rilakkuma cos I think he reminds me of Mr Bond despite it being a bear...and here's what's inside

Ohhhhh I've got lots of goodies...Rilakkuma plush, oil blotter, key chain, Vaseline Rose Lip Balm, and my favorite strawberry milk candy!!!!! I love you Beck Beck! And the most amazing thing is the very gorgeous oil blotter! It's so cool cos it's more than meets the eyes cos it's a piece of art! This is the oil blotter....

Cute...but it's even better when you open it up and ta daaaaa.....

Wow! It's a 3-D pop up of Rilakkuma! How cool is that? Needless to say, I wouldn't be using it cos it's too pretty!

Okay, now back to work!!! Monthly muses coming up soon....next week!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Carnage at work!!!! Will be back in business in approximately a week....November Muse will be out soon...


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