Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't mess with Pandas

Okay, here's an ad with a panda for cheese and I chanced upon it on youtube and it's not embedded so I can't post it directly but here's the link and please tell me you at least laugh cos I laughed till I was tearing and hyperventilating in the office and so did Ah Meow.....thing is, I will definitely remember this product! Happy Friday. This is an ad to end the week for sure!


I've just bought the last couple of Patyka Bois de Rose Rosewood Body Cream!! They're discontinuing this line! So if you're a fan like I am, please go grab all the last ones you can find! I went to Bud Cosmetics to get them!! The texture is really good cos it's light and gets absorbed quickly and your skin is soft and smooth after. But then no point reviewing now that they're discontinuing this range...bahh...

The brand isn't folding but it's sad cos this is the more affordable line from Patyka, like the pret-a-porter, ready-to-wear equivalent and after they cut this pret-a-porter line, Patyka's gonna have only the expensive range (the equivalent of couture, haha) and the body lotion for that is probably gonna cost something in the range of $60!! Bahhh! And you don't even see this range on their website anymore....sad...but their website is soooo pretty, I love it!

And Patyka is great cos not only are they organic, paraben and sulphate-free, they're ecologically ethical because:
  • Their formula for body wash and shampoo is kind to the water source and environment. Stuff like that  is important especially when you're at a location near the water sources, say beach resort, cos a lot of toiletries contain substance that affects the water source and the pH balance of the ocean, so to be kind to the environment, you would want to choose something that doesn't do harm. 
  • Their ingredients are from sustainable sources
  • Their packaging is from recycled sources and is recyclable 
  • Their ingredients are natural but yet effective 
Okay, I guess I will check out their new range after I deplete most of my stuff at home...oh's gonna take some time...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


 The United Nation of Skanks?

Today I'm gonna talk about the emergence of Skanks. Yes, Skanky girl kinda of Skanks, that is, slutty girls who behave and present themselves (be it the way they dress, talk or behave) provocatively sexual or overtly and overly flirtatious with whatever men they cross path with. I'm almost sure some of you might have known a skank or two and might even have some run-ins with them. Thing is, men kinda love skanks cos they're slutty easy target and well, if I'm a single man and I have skanks throwing themselves at me, of course I would take the free pussy!

Let the skanks be whatever and whoever they want cos there's always a place and time for skanks and sometimes they can provide pretty good entertainment even. I, myself, love to read the blog of a skank (whose name shall not be mentioned) both me and OGT love to slag off and yes, it's soooo entertaining what skanky stuff she would be up to. But then there would also be a time when you have major issues with skanks when they start throwing themselves at your boyfriends and husbands, sometimes knowing that they are taken and attached or married! How outrageous!

Me and my lovely Joanie have had our fair share when it comes to seeing how some skanks would try to lay their hands on the men we're with and boy, we both HATE them with a passion! Honestly, we both don't know why some women would do that cos yes, sexy is good but sexy doesn't have to be skanky and skanks just make themselves look cheap and crass. Yeah, crass not class. Fine, if you have a nice body, of course play up your nice features, after all, if you have it, flaunt it. But it doesn't mean you gotta let it all hang out cos it's more scintillating to do it tastefully no? Also, there's a place and time for flaunting the body. If you're proud of your perky boobies and pert bum, go sun-bathing or the pool in your skimpy bikini. Wearing lingerie as outfit (and I don't mean the sexy classy type where you have a nice lace camisole under a jacket or something) everywhere is well, just cheap.

And many are so vulgar that we seriously don't know why they want themselves to look or behave like a paid working girl. I mean where is the respect for themselves? Don't they have anything else to offer? And what are they gonna do when their looks are gone and their boobs and ass start going south? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot, call in the plastic surgeon. But it's sad when your self worth has to be judged based on how you look and not much else....And I said that if I have a daughter and for some reason beyond me that she turns out to be a skank, I would seal up her vajayjay and send her to a convent. Joanie suggested sending her to a temple and I think it's even more brilliant cos she would have to shave her hair bald!

Now let me identify the different kinds of Skanks out there:

  • The Real Whore Skank: Yup, as the name suggests, they're just out for a real shag and just wanna get laid for whatever reasons. They could be sex addict or they have self-worth issues and find self-worth and assurance in having men wanting to bed them. They'll hit on anything with a dick, even ugly ones sometimes cos they need to be wanted sexually to feel good. Sad really. It's also known as the "FATA" aka Fuck And Throw Away cos usually, they're easy laid for a night of shag and nothing more
  • The Gold Digging Skank: Self-explanatory much? These skanks go for rich men and the men don't have to be old. As long as they've got the money, it doesn't matter that he looks like Jabba The Hutt. These girls don't necessarily dress like sluts but once she spots a good catch, they zoom in, flirt up a storm and try their best to get the catch by throwing themselves at them
  • The Attention Seeking Skank: They only want attention, similar to Facebook Skank with all the provocative pictures but then they might actually openly talk about anything provocative like sex and stuff or how they love sex toys just to get people's attention. Honestly, what you do with your private parts should really be private...some bloggers actually do that, like openly put their half-naked pictures on or talking about sexual conquest or something along that line. Sometimes I wonder what their fathers would think if the dads read that or see the photos.
  • The Facebook Skank: You see them quite a bit I'm sure and some of us might even have a friend or two like that. The Facebook Skank is often seen posing in slutty pose with cleavage showing or half naked...yeah you get the picture, haha, you might even have seen many. And they'll talk suggestively with men on Facebook, calling them "Darling", "Honey" or other terms of endearment. Some can be harmless and just wanna get attention but some are out to get guys, which brings me to the next type...
  • The Boyfriend/Husband-Stealing Skank: Yes, another self-explanatory one and some even disguised as decent girls but hey, they're actually flirting furiously with your man behind your back and are aplenty on Facebook. They will send sms, email, facebook comments/post on wall or other forms of communications to your man, sometimes knowing that the guy is attached or married. Very shameless but they're everywhere and this is the kind of skanks you wanna watch out for. Some can even pose as your friend but steal your man behind your back. Their tactics? Praising the man excessively like saying he's sooo gorgeous and macho, soooo talented, soooo hot, soooo great and she likes him sooo much and can't wait to hang out with him and stuff like she misses him (like wtf right?) even when they're just normal friends. It's so disgusting in the way they suck up to your man that I'm almost sure that if the man stick his wiener out, she would immediately kneel down and suck it. I've had a skank (an ex of the bf) told my boyfriend "Hehehe, I miss having sex with you!" when she already KNEW that he's seeing me and that she HAS a boyfriend then! How shameless is that???? 
Have I missed out any? Seriously women have come a long way fighting for our rights and equality and skanks just totally regress our hard-earned progress. Think about it, if you see the guy equivalent of the skanks, he'll be glorified as a heart-breaker, a player, bad ass but for women, they'll always get the shorter end of the stick and be labelled derogatory terms. Yes no maybe? Oh well...let's just hope I won't have a skank for daughter next time or I'll have the "Si Ma Lu" Guanyin Temple on speed dial...

Social Networking...

One of my readers recently commented on social interaction and was wondering what my thoughts are. It got me thinking and well, human interactions really can be intriguing cos you see all sorts of situations. Good ones of course we don't really go talk about it cos you simply enjoy it but problematic ones, yeah, we bitch about it all the time. Like when you're being ostracized, left out or judged, or worse, bullied.

Thing is, like I've mentioned many times before, I've always been a bit of a loner on my own and I love my company and I think it's got to do with the fact that I was never part of the popular girls growing up. In fact, it's quite the opposite! I'm under the "social reject group" cos I grew up in a major elite school where you're either filthy rich or super smart to be there and yours truly was never in that 2 categories. In fact, I was a late developer who only got much better with my academic grades much much later in my life (it was quite a 180-degree turnaround that I still have no idea how that happened).

If you have watched Gossip Girl, you would remember that elite school where Blair Waldorf and the gang were from and mine was something like that, a bit milder though. You'll be socially acceptable if your mode of school transport is a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Big Mercedes Benz driver by a chauffeur , or if your grades are so freaking good that it's all "A"s in your report card. And me? I went to school in a crummy school bus and it was also not fun being the last few girls to receive her test papers when the teachers made it a point to give out test papers from the highest scores to the lowest. We called that walk to receive your test papers the "walk of shame" for the last few girls aka me. So yes, I was the social outcast and I was always hanging out with the social rejects while envying everyone else.

Growing up in that environment has somehow made me become a bit of a recluse and I developed other skills to make up for the social incompetence. I was told that I'm quite a funny person and I think the jokes I cracked got me mildly socially accepted and people did talk to me. Then I also developed my own sense of interests where I focused my energy in doing things I like, say reading (nerd...yawn, I know!), music and artsy stuff and I read up on lots of stuff that gives me a relatively good resource of common knowledge (which later saw me becoming a very hot property in Pub Quiz cos I know a lot of useless knowledge that often gets asked during pub quiz)....So in another word, I was totally not a confident person and I was even scared to talk to the cooler girls in school.

And when I just moved to Singapore in my teens, I was ostracized too because I speak with an American accent (from my previous school, and I was constantly taunted for that and even nicknamed "CNN" after the news channel) and also because I had different interests. I was the science student who got frowned upon cos I was in a class full of Chinese speaking nerds who got full-score in their physics and F maths and I was the only one who loved literature and hung out with mostly the arts peeps. Throughout my secondary and JC days, I was a bit of a recluse cos I was afraid of being judged

Then something kinda changed along the way as I grew older. Somehow I just naturally become more comfortable in my own skin and doesn't give a damn about what other people think of pleasing everyone. And one thing really makes me even more sure of myself. It all started with Friendster and Facebook cos somehow all the girls from school were finding each other back on the social media. They all migrated to everywhere around the world and we are now connected via the social media. So being the loser girl in class who's probably voted "The Least Likely To Succeed", I naturally go nose around to find out what's happening in their lives and well, surprise surprise! They're just normal and pretty much like me! And in fact, I think I've gotten a more interesting life than most! Of course, there're always a few super over-achievers who're unfairly pretty, rich and with great exciting job, but then most of them are just like me and many actually remember who I am! And I've always thought that nobody would know that I existed! And after pondering, I think that it's not that I was being judged (there wasn't any of those Mean Girls situation where I got bullied just so you know), it's because I was judging myself and being too worried about what people think of me.

That in itself, was a bit of a "light bulb" moment that gave me a boost in my confidence and from then on, I've become more self-assured and I get bolder and bolder and totally embrace being myself.  Now when I look back, I'm glad that I stuck to myself and didn't give in to conformity and I'm thankful that I stayed true to who I am instead of following what everyone else is doing even when it's not what I wanted.

These days, I totally embrace my sense of identity and I make no apologies for my likes and dislikes. I've been frowned at for "trying too hard to be different" by judgmental people. For instance, I was reading National Geographic or a good classic novel during lunch time and there was once I was snubbed with the person saying "Eeee, why are you reading all these cultured stuff and being so anti-social???", completed with a bitchy face of disapproval no less. But seriously, I don't give a damn cos it's what I LIKE and LOVE to do. Too bad he's too unrefined and judgmental to realize that.

But of course, where are times when you kinda have to blend in too like when you're at work but here are some tips on how for those out there who aren't exactly sure how to deal with judgmental people:
  • Stick to people who are more like yourself with similar interests....well at least you won't need to justify why you like certain things...
  • If you find your interests too different from others, like your colleagues, then keep it to yourself and don't talk openly about it. And when people asked, just briefly mention it and don't elaborate unless the other person shows some kind of interest or people might think you're trying too hard to be different even when you are genuinely interested.
  • The same goes when you actually have a rather interesting life with a lot of interesting stories to share. Just share a bit and not too much cos otherwise people think you're a show off or worse, make up stuff. Trust me, that has happened to me before....oh well, you have a life and some people don't right?
  • At work, if you're unhappy with something or someone, never tell that to someone at work cos you never know who the information would end up with, tell your own friends outside of work and bitch and vent all you want. 
  • Try to join in some activities every now and then, you don't have to stick together like packs but every now and then, it's good to do something with them. Social obligation is still important to observe. Sometimes you just gotta "show face", doesn't mean you have to go for the entire thing.
  • Cultivate real friendship with a selected few cos then you really just need that few friends who would stick with you through thick and thin and won't need to rely on other sources of friendship like say a bunch of shitty colleagues
  • Beware of "Frenemies"...these are enemies disguised as friends. They might get along with you and even seem to care, and you might even go out or hang out with them BUT they actually don't have your best interest at heart and seem to be secretly happy when shit happens to you and sometimes relish on your misfortune and would keep making you talk about it so they can gloat secretly. Not to mention there's always the rivalry to outdo each other...trash them, you don't need that...
  • If there's any gossip or bitching (in a work situation especially), never get yourself involved. In times like that, be like Switzerland. Neutral. Don't take sides. If someone comes to tell you about some bitching stuff, just listen and nod but never agree with things cos the person would say stuff like "Oh even Miss B agrees with me that !" me, happened to me as wanna stay out of politics if you want peaceful human interaction that's drama and bloodshed free
  • A little smile goes a long way and always be nice so people won't accuse you of having a "black face" or being stuck up or something even when you're just born with the freaking face you have...
  • Be humble. Don't brag. Don't gloat cos most people wouldn't want to hear your happiness. Sad but true cos a lot of people aren't exactly happy. Do that with your true friends only. Those who'll truly be happy for you. 
  • And always remember that you're unique and embrace your individuality and don't change because of pressure. There'll always be people who appreciate your uniqueness.
P.S. Hey Tiffy, am I not efficient or what? xx

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Okay this isn't the French word "sante" to toast for health but it's a German organic beauty brand that does really kick ass no-nasty products that absolutely deserves some bubbly toasting of its own.

I absolutely adore the Sante Nail Range (they do have make up and stuff too) and Sante is an Organic brand from Germany. Their nail polish and nail polish remover are totally non toxic and don't contain harmful substance like Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate (for nail polish) and carcinogenic stuff like Acetone in nail polish remover. I've been on the lookout for non-toxic nail polish and I've tried brands like Mavala and Zoya but Sante is really the best! The downside is that it's also the most expensive at $26 a pop, but well, cheap thing not good and good thing not cheap right? 

Well, here's to why you should switch to non-toxic nail polish cos....

"Toluene is a clear, colorless liquid that is also found in paints, thinners, and inks. It makes nail polish smooth and makes it dry quicker. When toluene is released into the air it causes headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and irritates the eyes, nose, and throat. It has also been shown to be toxic to the liver and kidneys. It is especially dangerous to pregnant women because it is transferred from mother to fetus through the placenta and through breast milk.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic preservative and is used in nail polish as a nail hardener. It also keeps the polish from chipping. Breathing in formaldehyde fumes irritates the lungs, eyes, nose, and throat. It also causes headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and immune dysfunction.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is found in plastics, personal care products, paints, and pesticides. It's used as a plasticizer that makes plastics soft and flexible. In nail polish it acts as a binder to make the nail polish last longer. Phthalates are also known carcinogens, are known to cause birth defects, and damage the reproductive organs. Particularly, it has shown to cause underdeveloped genitals in newborn boys and long-term fertility problems. It has also shown to be toxic to the liver, lungs, and kidneys. One can absorb phthalates through inhaling and touching it."

Enough to scare you off the usual nail polish? Especially the al cheapo ones from Korean brands (erm, it's a bit dodgy if they're selling at 3 bucks a pop no?) or those at the discount stash at Sasa or something....well usually the more funky it smells, the more harmful it is, though it's not always true cos all nail polishes contains chemicals....

But in the pursuit of well manicured fingers and toes, we're piling on all the toxic substance and you're also breathing them in too, especially if you're in a nail salon. And if the above didn't put you off toxic nail polish, then good luck to you. But being the vain pot who's also scared of health issues (seeing my grandpa battling cancer is enough to make me more conscious of my health), something's gotta give and I'm not about to give up looking polished with well manicured digits or the girlie joy of painting nails, so I've chucked all the toxic nail shit at home and switched to non-toxic ones...(oh no, I'd better check my new Chanel and Essie greige polishes...).

Sante is absolutely awesome! I bought the pale beige that gives  you a very polished natural look that you see often in fashion photo shoot and it's very versatile cos it goes with all sort of outfit colors. I'm loving my Sante one cos it's really easy and smooth to apply and it dries quite quickly and most importantly, it dries thoroughly so you won't get your nail polish smudged. The texture is light and it's non-streaky and it's very crucial for light colors cos light colors tend to streak and it makes them really hard to paint on evenly. But Sante is great! Smooth and even! Well it still has that nail polish smell cos all nail polishes (except the water base one which doesn't last and you can't quite find them in Singapore) contain chemicals, even if they're produced by organic brands.

Then the Sante Nail Polish Remover is really gentle. It doesn't even have that acetone smell and you can even sniff it directly without killing your lungs and you'll be pleased to be greeted by a pleasant citrus scent. It takes a bit longer than its toxic counterpart to remove the nail paint but it's worth the patience cos it leaves nails moisturized. In fact, once you're done with it, it's got a gloss layer of oil over your nails and your nails won't be dry at all. It's about 5 times the normal price at $18 but girls, trust me, it is really worth its salt!

If you're gonna try them, you can find them at Buds Cosmetics. One outlet in the 3rd floor of Mandarin Gallery and the other at Novena square 2. I'm definitely getting more shades from them. No doubt about it. Pricey but worth it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why I Love Solo Trip

Like I've said before in my previous post, I've always been quite an independent person who loves and enjoys my own company and has no problem with solitude. And the same goes for traveling too. In fact, I LOVE solo trips and I've been taking a lot of solo trips. Thing is, when I mention about my solo trip, friends would ask me why I choose to go alone cos most people would want a travel buddy. Well, of course if it comes to not very safe countries, I wouldn't travel alone but if it's safe countries, I have no problem traveling alone and in fact, I prefer it. And here's why:
  • There's no trouble fixing a date and accommodating everyone. You apply leave, you book, you travel. Easy peasy!
  • You get to plan your own itinerary and again, no need to accommodate other people's "To-see" list
  • Nobody would complaint about the choices you make. Case in note: you choose a pretty good boutique hotel at good rate and relatively good location but someone in the group who doesn't know fuck-all about the country hates it and started complaining that "It's such shit location and it's at some side street!!" every time she gets the chance me, you don't need that kind of annoyance and there's also no need to painfully stop yourself from yelling "Why don't you go stay at the most expensive suite in town and fuck off!" or "If you don't like it then go fucking take the plane back home you c@#t!"
  • You won't get pressured into going to places you don't want to go
  • You get to eat whatever you want and don't have to accommodate (very important for me)
  • You won't have to stand incessant loud chatter from fellow verbose traveler. Especially when you're in the plane and the entire cabin looking at your way-to-loud fellow traveler who laughs like a freaking hyena on heat
  • There's no need to wait for other people to do their stuff/shopping/buy that extra bag of pork floss or dried sausage while you stand around doing nothing
  • You get the whole room to yourself (very very important) and you won't be sweating or freezing cos of difference in air con preference or forced to stay up late or go to sleep due to difference in TV schedule. Oh and you get to watch whatever channel you want. No sleepless night if the person snores or farts or talks in his/her sleep. No getting woken up due to difference in wake up time and no fighting over who gets to shower first
  • You have the whole bathroom to yourself. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You won't need to suffocate in someone's post-poo fume and won't have to put up with a messy wet bathroom if the other person showers like a circus seal gone wild. 
  • You won't have to get bitched at or excluded if you're not in the right clique if you're traveling in a big group
  • No dramas from crazy fits or something along the line that makes you wanna bitch slap the person
  • You won't have to deal with faces you fucking hate just cos they're part of the traveling brood
So there, go figure. And no more traveling in big groups next time, maybe with the exception of family tours. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Advertisement's Moan-day again....I'm utterly unhappy for reasons I can't publicly share but let's just say that I'm taking some actions to fix it. ..I'm super duper sleepy...My weekend was spent in Bangkok (gosh, it's like my second home now? I was there 3 times in the last 4 months) with my work peeps and I'm utterly exhausted cos we slept at 3am every night and woke up early....The highlight of the trip?....A joke shared between me and my boss while we taxied in the plane for more than 10 mins before take off (I said "Eh are we driving to Bangkok now? We're still not in the air! and boss replied in major laughter "Ehhh how come we're still taxiing? Okay, I think got pit-stop at Yong Peng for Ramli Burger! wahahaha), exquisite Tom Yam soup with shrimp soooo fresh it's translucent and I would believe if they tell me they spend some prawn guy to catch the prawn right before they cook it (the best I've had and it's from my boutique hotel, Le Fenix at Sukumvit Soi 11), the 2 dresses and 3 pairs of shoes I bought (see, so tame! I went with one gym back and back with one gym back, the rest of the crew had overweight luggage), the 1.5kg worth of Boots Botanics face and body stuff I bought, and the eye-opening boy show Princess brought us to at Patpong (I'll blog separately on my thoughts).....but now I'm super duper sleep-deprived cos it's as if I've skipped a weekend and didn't get enough rest...

Anyway, HL sent me a very good tv ad and it's super nice...I watched it a couple of times. It's got a stamp of approval from Mr Bunny (who's an award-winning advertising guy)....and with his high standard, even he LOVES it....It's a Taiwanese bank advertisement by Ogilvy...HL & I said we're so impressed by this ad that if we lived in Taiwan, we would run to the bank to open up an account immediately....

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Art of Solitide

Being alone and feeling loneliness. They're two different things but they're both very much dreaded by many. I have friends, male and female, who're horrified of both. Some simply can't stand being on their own for just a couple of hours. Some, when left alone at home, actually feel lost as they'll be bored and they don't know what to do and they can't sit still alone. And they my friends tell me that they're bored at home alone and not having anything to do, I wish they could appreciate the calmness and treat of solitude.

I'm a bit of a loner. Not your creepy sitting in a corner, chewing on her own hair kind of scary loner. I would say I'm a sociable loner. A bit of an oxymoron I know. But why not? I love my own company and solitude but I do socialize with people and I can be super gregarious even. Most people wouldn't even know I'm a loner but those close to me would know I very much prefer my own company. Groups, I dread them. I don't do groups cos hanging out in a big group bores and agitates me.And when I hang out with my friends, at the end of the day, I would need my time alone and I'll want to be left in my room at night doing my own stuff like reading and writing and be undisturbed cos otherwise, I get very cranky. Oh, and I LOVE traveling alone and taking solo holidays cos it's fun and I get to do whatever I feel like at my own time own target. No pressure! And my friends would often ask things like "Wow, you're so brave to travel alone, aren't you scared?" or "Don't you get bored and lonely?"....well, I travel to safe countries so I'm not that scared and at times, it's fun to get scared a bit. And nope, I don't feel lonely cos there're so many new things to see and I talk to strangers too and you'll always be amazed by the interesting people you meet.

Many years back, on my birthday, I traveled to Bali alone and I spent the best birthday I had. I met a Japanese dancer who's also traveling to Bali solo and we had lots of fun hiking and she even got me a pair of earrings for my birthday. And on my birthday night, I went for drinks with my new Japanese friend (who till now is still in contact with me), the Balinese guy who worked in my resort and drove me around, and this French couple we met along the way. We were at The Jazz Bar in Ubud and I heard the BEST live Jazz bar performance by this very big Bali man named Koman with an equally powerful vocals. So who said traveling alone can't be fun?

Anyway, I digress as always. The point is, solitude is awesome if you learn how to appreciate your own company. I love it and I found a youtube video that actually puts it together nicely....

P.S. I'm going Bangkok tonight with people at work cos it's Ah Meow's hen's party tomorrow night. I'm actually hoping I'm traveling alone! Wish me luck!

Society is afraid of alonedom, like lonely hearts are wasting away in basements, like people must have problems if, after a while, nobody is dating them. but lonely is a freedom that breaths easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.
You could stand, swathed by groups and mobs or hold hands with your partner, look both further and farther for the endless quest for company. But no one’s in your head and by the time you translate your thoughts, some essence of them may be lost or perhaps it is just kept.
Perhaps in the interest of loving oneself, perhaps all those sappy slogans from preschool over to high school’s groaning were tokens for holding the lonely at bay. Cuz if you’re happy in your head then solitude is blessed and alone is okay.
It’s okay if no one believes like you. All experience is unique, no one has the same synapses, can’t think like you, for this be releived, keeps things interesting lifes magic things in reach.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Time's Sake...Old Canto!

This is for all the old cantos out there, or whoever grew up with Canto songs!! I was still crawling on the floor in Hong Kong when I first heard this and she's probably my first ever idol before Madonna and Duran Duran came in the mid-80s...well, it's the Queen of Canto Pop Anita Mui!!!! And this is the song that made her famous where she clinched the winner title of the Hong Kong's prestigious singing contest. Check it out! I LOVE the song and I LOVE her voice....too bad she's dead.....the other day my folks were just making a comment that new singers these days sound alike but nobody can sound like Anita Mui....I totally agree...the video is hilarious...check out the back-up dancers' routine!!! It's so gay! Especially when the guys are wearing white tights!! Princess is now doing it in the office!!! Super LOL!

Ohhh and I totally remember having a pink feather fan when I was young to attempt the dancing bit...yes, I was once super duper uncool....that's what happened when you turned on the TV too much in the old Hong Kong...but hey back then, I think it was super cool!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

East West & Something to think about....

I just suddenly thought of something that's got to do with racial issue......

You see, it's common to see white couples adopting black or Asian kids ala Brangelina and it's in fact, quite common. But if it's the other way round, like say an Asian couple adopting a white blond hair blue eye kid, or a black couple adopting one, it'll be odd. Yes no maybe?

I just wonder how many Asian or black couples actually adopted white kids....just curious...I spoke to Asian friends and they said they're not likely to adopt a white child and they'd be more likely to adopt a black child if you make them choose between a black and white child. And my white friends said they'll have not much problem wanting to adopt an Asian or Black child and a couple of black friends of mine said they're not likely to adopt a white kid and between Asian and white, they'll probably adopt Asian if they have to choose....Interesting no?

I'm not too sure why this is the case. When I asked the people I asked why? They said they're not sure. Hmmm....somewhat intriguing to me. What about me? Will I have problem adopting a white child? I dunno...I can't quite answer. I think I wouldn't have much problem adopting a dark haired and dark eyed white child as opposed to one with blond hair blue eyes and I think it's got to do with that fact that the blond hair blue eyed child would look a bit too different from me....I dunno...just something to think about....and I'm just rattling off my head but I think it's an interesting observation nonetheless

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fushi Fabulous

My obsession with organic beauty products (especially lip balm) has gotten me to keep trying new stuff and I've found a really good organic lip balm that is definitely gonna have a long-term relationship with me and my smackers. It's the Fushi Organic Hydrating Lip Balm from you guessed it, Buds Cosmetics (well, I did tell you previously I've bought a bunch of stuff from them so it's the review time)

First thing first, Fushi's a reputable organic brand that I've tried years ago while I was in UK and back then I only tried their shower gel cos a friend of mine had it. They're quite popular in the UK and produce ethical and awesome products that's not only organic but their ingredients are fair-traded and they also have a charity called "Tree for Eternity", a programme that helps alleviate poverty in rural Africa. They're ethically accredited. 

So when I saw that Buds Cosmetics actually stocks, I thought I'll try the lip balm. They have 3 different types, one specifically for cold sore, one anti-wrinkle and this hydrating lip balm. At $16, it's really affordable and the Hydrating Lip Balm is really great. 

It's got a very faint scent (like most natural organic product) and it's very light and non sticky. When you apply it, it's got a nice minty feel to it that's really refreshing and the moisturising effect lasts really long too. I applied it before I go to bed and the next morning, my lips are still moist, soft and very supple. The texture is really wonderful cos it's just nice and yet non gooey. Highly recommends this. Thing is, you'll have to finish it up within 6 months cos it's paraben free so it's gotta be used up pretty quickly since it's preservatives free. But I'm using it so much that I don't think it's gonna be a problem to finish it up :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Happy Valentine's Day...

Things I'm obsessed with...

I've caught a whiff of serious boredom that somehow got me thinking of the things I'm obsessed with cos I was trying to fill that yawn-inducing gap of dull moments with something I enjoy thinking/reading/looking/ and well well well, I just started thinking of what I'm obsessed with and I've come up with a list....Here goes:

  • Books! Books and more books! But only good quality literature in quality print or hardcover if possible. No chick lit please! I collect books (from classics to children's books to non-fiction), I buy too many and I couldn't get enough of them but I only buy the quality paper bag (better paper) and hard cover mostly...I really wanted to have a library at home!
  • Lip balm...HL could attest to this but I've (actually both of us) been obsessed with lip balms forever. I probably have over 20 different ones at home and it's still growing and I have to consciously stop myself from getting more. In my handbag alone, I have 4 different ones but I still always love to get new ones and try new HL said "You can never have enough cos they always finish fast". I gotta stop really...will try
  • Perfume. I inherited my love for perfume from my grandma since I was little. She would spritz her Diorissimo on me and now my relationship with perfume has become an obsession and I love to sniff out new perfume and I love wearing perfume and if I don't, I feel naked. I have way too many perfumes at home and I collect cult perfume but so far, I've finally found a couple of perfume that I really enjoy and they're likely to stick with me for the long haul and they're: Chloe by Chloe, Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal, L'Ombre dans L'eau by Diptyque and Tresor in Love by Lancome....
  • Magazines....Actually there're only a couple...Nylon, Glamour (UK edition), National Geographic, New Yorker and NW (the fabulous aussie tabloid)
  • Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl in that order. These are pretty much the only 2 tv shows (I don't turn on the tv at home. Very very rarely...I can live without it) that I watch and I always make sure I'm up-to-date with the latest episode and I'll download the moment they're shown in the US. And between the two, I'll pick Grey's Anatomy cos I'm very much like Meredith Grey...very similar in terms of character and it's a bit like watching myself. After 7 seasons, I still love the show so damn much. My all time favorite. I feel lost when they break for the season!!! That's how much I LOVE it
  • Health Supplements. Yes, I'm a pill popper. On an average day, I pop a multivitamin, a calcium supplement (I don't wanna crack a hip bone when I'm old), Evening Primrose Oil and pearl powder (for good skin and trace element). Occasionally, I beef up the pills with an extra fat burner or something and I love detox stuff...I'm currently sipping Duchy Detox yes, I love health supplement!
  • Organic, sulfate-free and paraben-free anything...from organic food to body products...I love them all... LOVE going to Super Nature to get toiletries and food
  • Hair's always between jet black and light ash brown...and it's about getting that RIGHT ash brown...currently I've given up on ash brown cos so far no hair stylist can gimme the exact color I really always turns out a bit off and I'm very very exacting when it comes to color so now, sod it,  I stick to jet black. The kind of blue black that's so intense that people actually ask if it's my natural color and it actually compliments my skin tone very well too. 
  • Knickers...I love cute knickers and I have assorted color bras to match them...I always buy knickers...
  • Cooking pasta....I'm good at it and I'm forever trying and inventing new recipes, and now that I'm mostly vegan, I gotta be more creative...
  • Recycling stuff...I'm kinda unglam when it comes to recycling cos I would actually accumulate plastic bottles and then bring the whole lot back to work cos the recycling bins at my condo have disappeared for I did the whole old aunty thing and and stuff the empty bottles in plastic bags and bring it to work...or I make OGT bring it home to pop the bottles in the recycling bins near her home. For paper, I make scrap paper, cut the A4 into half and put a large crocodile clip on's cathartic when you're stressed and pissed off cos all the paper slashing action is quite a good outlet
  • Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. Daughter of the former French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld. She's the epitome of style and she's got the ultimate French je ne sais quoi....some people have it all. A cool mom, gorgeous face and body, dream wardrobe and a fucking hot boyfriend to boot! But yes, her style is so natural...guess it helps when your mom is the editor of French Vogue. She's my current girl style crush

Friday, February 11, 2011

Notable Quotable

"I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing."

--Anais Nin

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Filthy Farmgirl

Noooo...the title isn't what you think cos I'm not blogging about some porno thing but a company that produces fabulous soap called "Filthy Farmgirl"! Yes, rather naughty and cheeky name but their soap is freaking FABULOUS and to die-for!!!

Last week, I went to Buds Cosmetics (Novena Square and Mandarin Gallery 3rd Floor), the organic cosmetics and toiletries store in Novena Square to stock up on organic products and I saw these really gorgeous soap with very cool packaging that smells really awesome. It's from Hawaii and they have a hand-made, no-nasty ingredient approach (no sulphates, no paraben) and they use mostly organic ingredients too.

The most attractive thing is that they've got some seriously cute retro packaging that's so eye-grabbing and the names of their soap are totally ingenious and very cheeky. They've got names like Filthy Ass Soap (with a picture of a donkey but hey it smells divine nonetheless), naughty ones like Filthy Pussy (with a cat hello?) and Filthy Cock (with a rooster, aka male chicken please! haha) and even kinky ones like Filthy Nurse Soap...And you know what? They have a total of 69 different scents for you to choose from!!! Their packaging is sooo pretty that I'm gonna put together a montage for you (not all 69 cos it would take the entire day)

Such gorgeous gorgeous packaging no? They're like a piece of art and it makes my post looks so pretty! I couldn't resist and I bought the Rosie Rose Petal (apparently limited edition but is available at Buds Cosmetics) soap purely cos it looks pretty and smells divine, thinking that if it sucks, I can always use it as hand soap anyway.

But well, I'm super impressed cos the soap is SUPER moisturising and not at all drying!! In fact, it's so rich and luxe that it is actually MORE moisturising that some of the shower gel out there! No joke. I have pretty dry skin and soap will always leave my skin too dry and squeaky and even when I used the supposedly moisturising soap, my skin gets so dry after that it feels as if it's gonna split.

So when I tried the Filthy Farmgirl Rosie Rose Petal, I was very pleasantly surprised that my skin actually feels okay after and even slightly moisturized! Thing is, their soap doesn't contain sulphate and other harsh ingredient and it's mostly organic. And for $16 (cheaper online obviously), it's a very good big slab that is probably gonna last for some time. My Rosie Rose Petal soap has actual Rose petals in the soap itself and the wonderful scent is unbelievably nice. In fact, the whole bathroom smells divine because of the soap. I'm sooo in love with the soap! I'm gonna buy more now and I'll have one collection of soap for me to use according to my mood! It's really great and you would want to try it, trust me! You can find out more on their website

Very cheeky!!

I've gone back to get 2 more soap and this is gonna be a gift for Mr Bunny who has brought me some super cool lipstick from Morocco which I would blog about soon....It's really great for gifts! He loves it and he now can't decide whether to use it (cos it smells so freaking nice) or to keep it as display! I love Filthy Farm Girl Soap! Freaking awesome!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Alexa Meade

This is another Alexa I'm obsessed with (first is Alexa Chung for her style and I think I'm gonna name my daughter Alexa cos all Alexas are so cool)! Now this Alexa, Alexa Meade, is one cool artiste. She's a painter and photographer who photographs portraits of people and making the print looks like oil painting BY PAINTING DIRECTLY ON HER SUBJECT and later taking a photo of them. Simply put, you go there, she uses paint, paints all over you, makes you look like a moving oil painting and takes a snap shot. The portrait photographs actually look like oil on canvas!!! It's freaking cool!!!

"Alexa Meade has innovated a Trompe-L’Oeil painting technique that can perceptually compress three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional plane. Her work is a fusion of installation, painting, performance, photography, and video art.

Rather than painting a representational picture on a flat canvas, Meade paints her representational image directly on top of her three-dimensional subjects. The subject and its representation become one and the same. Essentially, her art imitates life on top of life."

Now take a look at her work and if you don't think it's freaking brilliant, you'd better check that you still have your pulse.

This is an ACTUAL photograph, the guy is an ACTUAL human being

Now you'll see a clear perspective...though her 2-D painting skills is so good you still can't quite see it's actually a 3D person...wait...

Next one

Better? It's a bit easier to see the guy is actually a real 3-D's so surreal don't you think?

Here's another shot of Alexa and her subject...Now it's clear that's a human model

I think it's freaking brilliant and I wonder how much time it takes for her to paint you! Oh and how much does she charge to commission a portrait! I would really want a portrait of myself by her! Here's her website if you're keen to check out more of her work!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Life Saver!!

I've been touted as the ultimate mosquito repellent. Mozzies love me and when I'm with my friends, they're safe cos I'll shield them from bites as I'll be the sacrificing lamb the mozzies attack. And if you've seen my legs, they're covered in mozzie bites and I look as if I have permanent eczema. Don't even get me started on how the itch drives me nuts! Talking about it makes me want a stiff drink cos it's pure tragedy. Just imagine you have a bite on your inner thigh or the sole of your foot and you're in a serious business meeting with a transparent glass table......garrrr!

But lately, I've found two salves to my mozzie tortured limbs and they're quite my life safer now! They're  a duo that works hand in hand. First it's the Lemongrass House Hydrating Mosquito Repellent. When I met up with the peeps at Lemongrass House's boutique opening at The Raffles City 2 weeks ago, they were telling me how their insect repellent spray is actually the first ever product their founders, Bobby & Palita Duchowny, came out with and it later got bought by bulk by some UNICEF peeps cos it's very effective. So I immediately pointed to my spotty legs raped by mozzies and scored myself a complimentary bottle of the repellent cream to try.

Thing is, I'm very afraid of insect repellent cos they usually smell very strongly of citronella and spraying them on generally repels not just insects but people in general, especially cute guys. Last check, smelling like roses is attractive, but smelling like a block of mozzies-repelling citronella is hardly sexy. For most insect repellents, the smell is usually very overwhelming. Your repellent usually walks into the room before you do cos that's how strong the silage is for citronella (and that's why it repels mozzies in the first place). But the Lemongrass House Hydrating Mosquito Repellent is a god-sent cos it's got a very subtle yet effect scent and it's not just pure citronella but it's got other a lavender infusion.  When I apply it to my legs at work (the mozzies are mostly from work cos I have a major garden next to my office), I won't reek of citronella and it's even got a very nice cooling sensation. And the best thing? It's hydrating like a moisturizer, so it's really 2-in-1 and quite effective! Perfect!

Of course, no repellent is 100% mozzie-proof and if I get bitten, I've found the perfect remedy to stop the crazy itch and it's the Two Girls Floral Water Stick. Okay, you can't get it in Singapore cos it's a very very old school brand from Hong Kong and they used to be famous for their floral water and they started in 1898!! Vintage really! They also sell face cream that's very similar to the old school Hazeline Snow and basically stuff that your old granny would be familiar with. But lately, in the last couple of years, they've been given a revamp and they've modernised all their products in terms of look, formula and packaging. The Floral Water Stick is a modern twist to their old floral water. It smells the same wonderful scent but it's now all handy and you can pop it in your handbag. Traditionally, the Floral Water has many different usages. You can use it as a perfume, as a towel cologne, as insect repellent (though not the most effective), and it's really very very effective for stopping itch from insect bites. I didn't know about this until my cousin whipped out one and started rubbing it on her mozzie bite. And the rest is history cos it's really SUPER effective! It even trumps steroid cream hands down (ok but only for mozzie bites, for eczema and things I'm not sure and you shouldn't try since there's fragrance)! Now I have one at work, one in my bag, and one at home. And I'm gonna upgrade it to 2 at work (just in case), one in EACH handbag and 2 at home (again, just in case). Life saver much!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Organic Mania

I'm now in the process of slowly replacing my usual toiletries with organic ones...I'm more or less done with products with carcinogenic paraben and harsh sulphates and these days, I'm just a lot more conscience with what I put on my skin as much as what I put in my stomach. I've gone 90% organic vegan and I actually feel pretty great, so it's time the greatest organ of my body gets some no-nasty loving with good organic skin and body care.

I went to Bud Cosmetics a couple of days ago at Novena Square 2 (they also have an outlet at Mandarin Gallery 3rd floor). I've seen it around when Novena Square got extended but I didn't think much of it and didn't even bother going in. Then HL (omg, she's always making me spend money) told me that she went to this great organic skincare store at Novena Square and so I went to check it out the very same day she told me (she said I'm very efficient) and I walked out with a bunch of stuff together with a Membership card...okay, I think I will stop spending now...

The Loot List:
Dr Bronner's Lavender Liquid Soap
Filthy Farmgirl Rosie Rose Petal Soap Bar
Sante organic nude nail polish
Sante organic nail polish remover
Fushi Hydrating Lip Balm

I should have walked into the store when I went pass it the first time I was at Novena Square 2 cos this is a organic skincare haven! They stock a really good range of brands from the common John Masters Organics to the lesser known brands like Fushi from UK and fun organic brands like Filthy Farmgirl from Hawaii and many more from France and Germany! And they also have an online store too if you're too busy or live too far to pop into their shop. Well, I'm someone who wants instant gratification when it comes to shopping so online doesn't have the same kick for me and I love to personally feel, smell and touch the products when I buy toiletries and skin care. The one I'm super excited about is the Sante nail stuff cos the nail polish and remover and they don't contain harmful substance like Touluene, acetone and all the rest of the harsh toxic chemicals in most nail polish (the cheap Korean brands ones are the worst! Don't even go there really!). Thing is, nail polish and remover are never healthy cos slapping any chemicals on your nails and skin isn't a good idea but then what about pedicure and manicure then? Yes, yes, vanity trumps health at times but I guess choosing good quality non-toxic products is a smarter options, especially if you're a heavy user of whatever products you're layering on...

When non-toxic nail polish is concerned, Sante rocks! I've tried other brands like Mavala and Zoya but they don't go on as smoothly as Sante..well, thing is, they don't cost as much either cos Sante's going at $26 a pop...but well, something's gotta give right? And I bought a nude polished color in beige. Excited! Will paint my nails soon!

And more product reviews coming up. Meanwhile, if you're a green, organic junkie like I am, check out the store! It's on the ground level of Novena Square 2 and 3rd floor of Mandarin Gallery. A very nice treasure trove of organic beauty brands!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Notable Quotable

"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know." 

--Ernest Hemingway

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tokens from Kawaii Land

Ohhhh cool okashi from Kawaii land!! OGT went to Tokyo for New Year and 2 nights ago, she came and brought me some cool Japanese snacks!

Ohhh Senbei and a box of japanese cookies with super cute packaging! Kawaii max!

Check out how cute it is? A little white and black cat together and they're holding hands, or paws for that matter. We're saying it's Mr Bond's parents cos the white cat's got yellow eyes and Bondie probably got the black cat's overall color, the white cat's eyes and white sock paws and collar...It's so cute I really couldn't bear eating them!

But OGT insisted on having it cos it can't be kept for too long. So we had some and it's super yum! Haha...this is one New Year's goodie that I won't share with anyone!

Friday, February 04, 2011


As you'd probably know, I'm all for natural remedy as opposed to the harsher western alternatives. I've been going to the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor for a couple of months now and two weeks ago, while I went to Super Nature at Orchard Boulevard, I bought some homeopathic remedies.

I've always been a big fan of homeopathy since my 20s cos not only does it work (for minor, less acute conditions that is, otherwise, best to go back to the orthodox ways of GP), it's so much gentler on the body system. I've even considered taking a course in homeopathy but didn't go down to doing it and anyway, homeopathy is not big in Singapore and I can hardly find one homeopath and if I find one, he/she probably charges exorbitant prices (like $200 a visit) in order to survive. So I rely on organic shops to get my homeopathic stuff cos most of the items have got indications on the conditions they treat and also instructions on how to take them.

So 2 weeks ago, I got a couple of stuff:
  • Duchy Organic Herbals Detox Tincture (self explanatory)
  • Boiron Silicea pills (for fatigue)
  • Boiron Kali Phosphoricum (for tension headache)
  • Bach Flower Rescue Remedy pastilles (to calm, not shown in pictures)
I've always been using Boiron Homeopathy pills and Bach Flower Remedy (tincture) and they work pretty well and fairly effective. For homeopathic pills, you just need to melt them in your mouth 3 times a day but the important thing to note is that you should never touch the pills with your hands as you want to keep contamination to the minimum and Boiron's pills come with a unique dispensing mechanism that allows you to pop them into a little cap instead of your hand.

Bach Flower Remedy is great for calming nerves and anxiety during one of those stressful days and you can use it even for animals. I used to buy the tincture and for that you just have to just the dropper and put a couple of drops under your tongue or you can put it in your water too. I bought the pastilles this time cos I've never tried it and I think it works just as good though I think the tincture would last me longer cos the tin of pastilles doesn't contain too many of them in there. The Boiron pills are going at $18 a tube and they've got different types for different conditions like cough, flu, headache, back ache etc etc...check out their website for more info. The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Pastilles is about $19 and the tincture is about $25 or's their website you can check out too.

For the Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture, I'm trying it out for the first time and I seriously love it and I've since gone back to buy another 3 more bottles. The Detox Tincture contains Artichoke and Dandelion extract and it eliminates toxins and aids digestion and they're traditionally good for cleansing the liver to give you more energy. It's really simple to use cos you just add 2.5ml with the dropper into a glass of water and drink it 2 times a day. I'm gonna do that regularly now and it's got a very nice faint herbal sweet taste to it. I'll probably take it on a regular basis anyway. It's about $28. I've been on it for about 2 weeks, and I do feel less lethargic. Then I find that it also helps soothe my asthma. My mom took some the other day when she was about to fall sick and the next day, she's better and totally avoided catching a cold. So she, too, swears by it and she's bought 3 bottles too. You might wanna try it after all the chinese new year binging.

But bottomline is, I LOVE homeopathy and if you have chronic health issues that isn't too serious, say headache, stress, muscle ache or something along the line, then you might want to give homeopathy a try instead of resorting to popping liver-harming western medicine like Panadol (yes it is bad for the liver) or even stronger painkillers. Looks like I'm gonna go back to Super Nature for more stuff!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's officially the Bunny Year! Happy Lunar New Year to all! I'm having a bit of an orphan Chinese New Year this year cos my folks and sister are flying back to Hong Kong today. Of all days I know, but then my pappy gotta be back home for work in time and couldn't get any flights in the next couple of days, so he gotta leave today :( Separation anxiety now cos suddenly the house is so damn quiet and even Mr Bond is a bit maladjusted and he's missing everyone and looking restless. Ahh but at least now I can walk around my apartment in my skivvies and start rearranging and tidying up the place now that it's back to me and Mr Bond...

Good thing is, I'll be left alone for the CNY and I won't have to do the whole visiting thing cos I'm not a fan of that cos it's the annual "Why aren't you married yet?" segment by all the nosy relatives. And I'll be quiet happy catching up on my readings at home and meeting my "adopted family" aka my bunch of friends instead! Ohhh and acupuncture on Saturday too! I really think it's doing me some good and I've gone to buy enough beauty treats and new shoes ( 4 pairs?) + clothes to keep myself occupied and amused for the next couple of days. I'm super enjoying the long weekend!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

L'Oreal EverStrong

Okay you shouldn't be surprised I've got the L'Oreal EverStrong Range since I'm a toiletries junkie who would try anything that seems interesting to me and when the L'Oreal EverStrong (as well as the color preserving EverPure) hit the shelves in our little island of durian eaters, I snapped up the EverStrong Deep Replenishing Mask and also the overnight repair treatment. See, I'm better cos I didn't buy the entire range cos I still have good shampoo and conditioner at home and I'm merely buying what I, ahem, need.

Okay, anyway, this is L'Oreal's premium range for the mass market segment cos the price point is a bit higher and the mask costs about $18 and the leave on overnight treatment is $22 thereabouts. It's a sulfate-free range meaning that it doesn't contain any sulfate which is crucial in forming rich foam (especially for shampoo), making it milder since sulfate is a culprit of stripping the hair of its natural moisture. I that the sulfate-free thing applies mostly to shampoo cos I don't think conditioner and treatment contain sulphate. But anyway, the range also boasts aromatic herbs like Rosemary, and Juniper etc. It doesn't really smell of aromatherapy stuff but I do like the scent of it cos it's got a very warm sugary sweet scent that's not too overpowering.

I like the mask cos it really does leave hair super soft and shiny without the heaviness and it also doesn't overcoat the hair too and that for me is super important. So yes, I approve and I'm gonna use it quite regularly and at least 2 times a week especially now that I've coloured my hair to a darkest, silkiest black (I LOVE very black hair). The overnight treatment is great too. You can totally apply it on dry hair without it getting sticky. I'm used to applying serum and treatment on damp hair cos I'm horrified by sticky greasy hair but this one really gets absorbed super quickly and I need about 2 pumps of it for my hair cos its quite long. It does soften hair and when I combine it with the hair mask, the hair is really superb with shine, softness and great manageability. It's now one of my favorite hair treatment item and the best thing is, it doesn't break your piggy bank like the Kerastase range which costs a hell lot's definitely thumbs up!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Muse

Hmmm I actually enjoy doing my monthly muse...contemplating doing it twice a month actually...haha...Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year little bunnies!

Reading: I'm reading a lot of books at the same time. Thing is, I don't watch TV and I would very well not have a TV at home cos I simply don't watch it at all and books are a bit like my version of "TV programmes" cos I'll read a few books at the same time and they're a little like my different tv shows and this month, I have 2 great books (among the many more actually) I'm reading. First is Mao's Great Famine by Frank Dikotter and it tells the factual story about the horrible famine during Mao Zhedong's communist regime that led up to the cultural revolution. Dikotter did extension research from the official dossiers that many didn't have access too and later piece together the actual picture of what happened during the ghastly 50s in China where the biggest famine in the modern world took place and millions of lives were lost thanks to Mao's regime. It's such an interesting read that I could hardly put it down and the atrocity that the communist party did was so bad that reading it makes me cringed and at some part, it's so horrifying that I had to stop reading it for a how some boy stole a bun cos he was starving and to punish him, Mao's cadres ordered the father to actually kill his own son with a's so blood-curdling but I guess I would want to know what really happened. The thing that got me wondering is that, despite the atrocity of Mao's regime and his retarded, overly confident policies, why the hell was and still is so respected by the Chinese people??? You see him being glorified in arts and stuff and it's something I don't understand. You see him on t shirts and memorabilia but you don't see tyrants like Hitler getting glorified. I mean, think about it, you can't possibly not be crucified and get pelted with kosher food if you wear a t shirt with Hitler's face on it can you? So I don't know...but it's a hauntingly good read.

Then the other great book is Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. It gives an insight into the meat eating culture of the modern world and throws light on how our meat of today is being produced in factory farms and its implications on the environment and the world we live in. It's not really a book to turn you into vegetarianism but it's to give a clear undiluted picture of how the meat that ends up on your plate and later in your gut comes about. I think everyone should read it cos as the saying goes, you're what you eat, and would you want to know what you put into your tummy? It reaffirms me to be as vegan as possible. I've been a vegetarian for a really long time but then a year ago, I started getting back on meat cos my doctor said I ought to be back on meat and also, I was training in the gym and I went pescatarian eating fish and seafood and I was even eating a bit of chicken and sometime a slab of steak (oh no...). It feels wrong really and I feel guilty every time I tucked in and the other day, I felt gross marinating a piece of chicken fillet at home cos when I touched the meat and trying to take out the skin, I feel like a murderer. So this month, I'm gonna be back on my vegan diet. I don't care really and I don't even eat eggs and drink milk cos it's cruel...I'll get protein from soy powder and beans and now I'm eating mostly organic now. It's costly but it's worth it and I eat with a good conscience knowing no animal is harmed and it's healthier...I actually feel less healthy when I'm back on meat...big mistake. And I'm gonna stay vegan as much as I can. 

Watching: Black Swan...okay, I haven't watched it but I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm supposed to watch it with Mr Bunny and it'll be after he's back in SG. BUT I CAN'T WAIT! I'm tempted to just go watch it first and then watch it the second time cos I know I'm gonna freaking love it, considering I did ballet and wanted to be a full-time dancer....But I love films by Darren Aronofsky! I loved Requiem For A Dream by him and it was hauntingly good (I actually watched it on a first date and freaked out the guy I dated then cos it was totally not a first date movie with it's freaky drug theme and an ending with Jared Leto's arm turning septic and had it amputated. LOL)

Wearing: Lancome Tresor in Love. I finally bought the perfume and I'm loving it. I've always been a Tresor fan cos when I was young, my grandma gave me a small miniature bottle of the old Tresor and I've always loved it and when Lancome came up with Tresor in Love, it's a modern day interpretation of their classic scent and it's lovely. It's younger and more floral and I totally love this warm, floral scent that's got hint of slight fruity top note of nectarine and the heart of warm sensual rose...

Also wearing my Tiffany Key!!! Another "Finally I bought it!" item. I've been wanting the Tiffany Key since last year and thing is, I just didn't buy it. I initially wanted the large pure silver one but they just look kinda big and good thing that I wait cos they came up with a small dainty one with a tiny delicate diamond on the center. I walked into Tiffany over the weekend with HL and yup, that's it, that's MY key and walked out with it in tow...settled...Love it!

Using: Pukka Organic Rosewater. I got this from Super Nature too and you can either use it to flavor food (I add a table spoon to my water for a cooling treat) or as face toner. It's awesome as it's very pure rosewater and it costs a bomb ($89 bucks), but it's worth every drop of it cos the rosewater is distilled from roses grown at a high altitude to optimise essential oil content, the roses are hand picked at dawn and before sunrise to protect their valuable aromatic oils from being evaporated. They are then gently steam-distilled for optimum extraction of the wonderful fragrance. I use it mainly as a face spray. I pop one in my bag and use it as a face mist throughout the day. It really leaves your skin very very soft.

Love n Toast Lipbalm in Pear. With a scent and packaging so great, how can I not get addicted?? Plus it's super nourishing too. And the smell, ohhh the wonderful smell, is just heavenly. And yup, it's organic...and that adds to its divine quality! I'm sold!

Drinking: Water infused with Duchy's Organic Detox Tincture. I got this awhile ago from Super Nature and I've loved it since. It's got a very nice mild taste to it and it's detoxing. I add it into my water everyday and I think it might well be a mainstay for me...I love to know that the water I drink is also getting rid of all the bad toxins in my body...I'll drink more if I feel that the food I eat has got MSG cos I hate MSG and I think it's absolutely evil and drinking the tincture infused water makes me feel better

And Lemongrass House Lavender Aromatic Room & Pillow Spray. I was told that this is Lemongrass House's best seller with it flying off the shelves a lot and now that I've started using it, I've developed some kind of dependency of it cos it's so nice! I spray it on my pillows and duvet before I go to sleep and the thing about the Lavender scent from Lemongrass House is that it's the perfect Lavender scent. Some lavender scents aren't pure as they mix in other smell and they end up smelling cheap and nasty. Others are just too heavy with the heady French Lavender that's a bit too strong. The one from Lemongrass House is perfect for me, just nice and it's very very soothing and I can't get enough of their lavender anything (from shower gel to shampoo etc...), and it really helps when the quality of their products is really excellent.

Loving: My Lomography Diana F+ Mini....After buying the full size Diana F+, I had to get the Diana F+ mini cos it's just gorgeous...I haven't finished the entire roll of film but I would slowly take my time. I'm so hooked on analogue photos! I wish someone would buy me a Leica M8!! Dream on...but now, I'm just happy with the Diana F+ mini cos it's sooo cute and it's the perfect size to pop into my hand bag cos it's tiny

I'm loving SteamCream too! Not only does the packaging looks awesome, the cream packs some seriously good stuff in it to nourish your skin. I use it mostly on my hand but when my face feels dry, I'll apply a thick layer on my face before I go to bed and the next day? "Good morning soft skin!"


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