Thursday, March 31, 2011

Notable Quotable

What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again.”

- Anaïs Nin

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wiener Warmer

Stay warm...wahahahaha.....I wonder how to knit this....maybe I should ask my mom but I think she'll get a shock...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Men, Cheating & Prostitution

Last week during a photoshoot, I was chatting with photographer, Ken, and the topic of men and their cheating ways came about. He basically said that men are programmed to cheat and they will if they can. Not the first time I heard this but it's just ever so disturbing whenever I hear it from yet another straight man who thinks that cheating is in fact, in a men's nature and biological make-up. The need to spread their "seeds" as wide and as much as they can is always the favorite number one "reasoning". Blame it on revolution and go ask Uncle Darwin and he would tell you the same thing. Ken said women should just understand and close one eye and know that just because your husband or boyfriend is poking his wiener into another woman's vajayjay for pleasure doesn't means he loves you less. Again, it isn't the first time someone told me that cos long ago, a friend David said that how well a marriage works depends on how tolerant the wife is when it comes to the hubby's philandering ways.

It's very tragic and much as most women I know would curse and swear at the above mentioned statements, they all know that what Ken and David said is kinda true to some extent. Yes, there'll always be the really faithful men but those are quite a rare breed these days apparently. Personally, I know more than a handful of guy friends who are cheating, have cheated or will be fine cheating on their girlfriends and wives. And yes, some women are also guilty of cheating but generally, you hear stories of men cheating more than that of women cheating. And whenever I say that men tend to cheat more than women, my straight guy friends will be quick to defend their own gender and say that women cheat too but hey, if you can use the evolutionary need to "spread your seed" as an excuse to cheat and blame it on biology, then well, you have just made your point that men DO tend to cheat.

So I told Ken that it sucks cos women are in the losing end and in my next life, I would wanna be a rich smart handsome man so I can have lots of girls and Ken said:

"See!!! That's precisely the point! If you're the man, even you yourself said you would wanna cheat! So you and all the women folk out there ought to understand us men cos it's just the way we're wired"

I was lost at words...and he then followed to tell me something more disturbing...he thinks that philandering men who don't cheat with a prostitute are stupid. I gasped in horror and he explained:

"You see, you think prostitution is bad but it's really the easiest and the smartest way cos you spend the money, you get laid and have your fun. If you're going to a club to score a girl, you gotta woo and buy drinks and sometimes you don't even get lucky. Then, if you get lucky, she might turn out to be some crazy psycho who wants more and would call you while you're with the wife or the girlfriend so you're screwed. And if it's the one-night-stand kind of girl, you don't know if she's got some STD and condom isn't fool-proofed and then what if she gives you trouble and cries rape the next day like the recent case in Zouk? Then you're double screwed! If you go to a prostitute, she can't cry rape, you can choose who exactly you want, you spend the money and you're guaranteed to get laid and they have to constantly go for health checks. Isn't it easier? Now you see the point?"

Shit....why the fuck does this make sense? I hate to admit but yes, it actually has some sound reasoning to it....not good! Cos what if like me, you're one of those women folks out there who simply can't tolerate cheating? So is that to say we're doomed for heartbreak?

Now, Sophion the make up guru joined in the discussion and agreed that women simply gotta close an eye. So I brought up what I thought was the ultimate weapon. TRUE LOVE. I said whatever happens to true love?? If you love your wife or girlfriend, aren't you supposed to not do rubbish like that like cheating? Sophion then said:

"Darling, true love only lasts a certain time for as long as you're still in your honeymoon and are aren't bored with the person okay?"

Oh no....again, from the stories I know of and some personal experience, yes, sometimes love goes away and Scotty has so rightly pointed out that very often, material things last longer than love. Now I dunno what to seems like maybe my whole concept of monogamous loving relationship isn't realistic? That's quite a scary thing...or is this "close an eye" approach a new norm and the better way to go? I really don't quite know and I'm not exactly sure what to expect or what is acceptable. It's all so convoluted that I think I decided to just go shoe shopping instead....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Botox for an 8 Year Old???

I swear the world is probably nearing an end cos these days, there're all sorts of freaks out there! HL sent me a link last week on some crazy mother who gave her 8-year-old daughter botox jab and restylane filling!!! (??) Click here to read the full story.

This woman is whacked and someone ought to call the social service cos she's some scary pageant mom who's trying to make her daughter into a star. I pity the girl cos she said that the jabs used to hurt and it was painful but now she's okay cos she wanna be pretty. The now the 8-year-old is apparently asking her mom to giver her the botox "top up" every now and then saying she's seeing wrinkles and the precocious girl is also saying how she can't wait to have boobs and get her first nose job. And the most scary thing is, the mom, who's just some beautician, actually administers the botox and filler jabs to her daughter! I guess she probably has to cos no aesthetic doctor in the right mind would give an 8-year-old botox jab, let alone filler. 

Honestly, I dunno what's wrong with this woman...she's probably delusional cos she herself and her daughter are obviously not star or model material and who knows what she's gonna do next? Pimping her daughter to some rich business man or paedophilic producers hoping to make her daughter a star? It's got the perfect ingredient of a teenage train wreck in the making....Much as I feel sorry for them, I'm also curious to see how her plan unfolds....but I guess the bottomline is that, some people are not meant to be parents. They're not cut out to be and they ought to be barred from being one.

Friday, March 25, 2011

School Bully

My friend Sophion the makeup guru showed me this video clip of school bullying in Australia where a 12-year-old skinny boy was punching a 16-year-old chubby boy and making fun of him. It was bad cos the school bully literally punched his face and his stomach and the poor boy just stood there and let him abuse him. But the good thing was that the chubby boy finally couldn't take it and retaliated and he grabbed the 12-year-old up and body slammed him down on the floor. OMG that was soooo awesome cos I literally clapped my hands and went "YES! You go boy!" when he did that. The bully got suspended for 21 days whereas the bigger boy 4 days for the fact that he got violent too. But if I were the principal, I would just gave the bigger boy a warning and not suspend him.

Have you been a victim of school bully or were you a school bully before?? I got bullied once apparently but that was when I was in kindergarten. It happened when I was on my way home on board of the school bus. Some psycho girl grabbed my hand for no reason and she bit my arm so hard that it bled and I was screaming. Then she went for it again and bit me again like a crazy mouth foaming rabbis dog and didn't let go until I couldn't take it and fought back.

I slapped her head off my arm with my other hand and then bit her back and apparently I bit her so hard that a chunk of her flesh came off....Yup, so that was me being the bullied who fought back. Well, I think we got barred from the school bus cos I don't remember taking the bus to school anymore after that.

Sign That Things Aren't Going Too Great

This is my organized piece of mess at work... I know exactly where each thing is and that's my super power....

Actually this is considered pretty decent and I just didn't show you the other side of the desk but I've just never been a neat person and I can tidy up the place but it'll turn into an organised piece of mess in no time. The funny thing is, I can't quite work when things are too neat cos it's just sterile and it hinders creativity for me. Likewise, when I was in school, I couldn't study or do my homework when it's too neat cos I just couldn't get going. So a messy desk is actually sign that I'm being very productive and in a way, not going too great cos it means I'm swamped beyond recognition....I would do something about it and dress up the desk soon...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You and Me

I was going through my music the other day and I remember I love the song You and Me by The Wannabies and it was in the Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack, yeah the one with Leonardo Di-cappuccino, oops, I mean Dicaprio...and I love this you go...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

State of (fashion) Emergency

Who are the world's fashion leaders that ought to be declared as an urgent state of fashion emergency? First we have Uncle Kim aka Pyongyang who not only scares the world with all the nuclear weapon issues but also his fashion sense....

Who can forget his choice of tracksuit looking thing in muted color paired with shades and his signature paunch? But these days, he'd better work harder to catch up cos another world leader has knocked Uncle Kim off his reign as the world fashion icon....

Hello Qaddafi! Qaddafi not only has made news with all the Libya civil violence but he's also stirred up much interest in his wardrobe choices and I'm sure many fashionitas have pressed the panic button to declare a state of "Fa-shawn Emurrrrgency"'s why...Exhibit A to F

Do you even need to play "Spot the odd one out" here?

Make space for my fabric Barack!

Bad hair day?

Someone should fire his hair stylist

Stock list for his shirt: CK Department Store in Chinatown

Channeling his inner Tony Manero ala Saturday Night Fever

I'm sure Uncle Kim is probably busy working with his team of fashion consultant to outdo Qaddafi...but one thing I do wonder they both visit the same hair salon? Here's why...

Kim to Qaddafi: I'm smirking cos my pouf is higher than yours! 
Qaddafi to Kim: I bet your hair spray is radioactive....

Or is this pouffy coiffed hair the preferred hairdo of the not-so-peace-loving men? I wonder....Can someone call Anna Wintour to talk to these two blokes already???

Bootilicious Now & Then

Ohhhh another "How true!" cartoon! It's quite funny no?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Notable Quotable

"The pain I feel now is the happiness I felt before, that's the deal"

-- C.S. Lewis

If there's a list of some universal truths, this C.S. Lewis' quote is definitely on the list. Buddha would tell you that impermanence is the nature of the world we're in and that change is the only constance. What you have today might be gone tomorrow. Now that's scary cos considering the ways we're all holding on to our happy moments so preciously with photos, videos, tattoos, memorabilia, journal seems like we're doing ourselves in when the shitty feeling/event/person comes and robs you of your current happiness. But you know what? Buddha said "I told you so!" cos Buddha already emphasizes the need to detach from worldly for thought?

Well, I guess at least for me, perhaps I got one thing right cos I tend to note down the shitty moments and sometimes even have them inked into my maybe that's the strategy of a happy life other than having a bad memory? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Resilient Japanese

Despite the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese people's dignified way of handling the situation really displays grace under pressure and it definitely deserves respect from the world. When I saw this youtube clip for the Japanese children on the nuclear leakage problem, and it's really heartwarming to know that despite all the tragedy, the Japanese haven't lost their sense of humor trying to explain the situation to the makes me smile seeing that and let's pray for them more...I'm sending all the good vibes to them!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cinema Paradiso

One of  my all time favorite movies is the classic Italian film Cinema Paradiso by director Giuseppe Tornatore and it also happens to be one of my father's favorites too (it's special to him cos when he was young, he used to go to the cinema a lot by himself). And from the movie came one of my favorite cello pieces and it's a duet with trumpet. It's a very very beautiful tune written by Ennio's one of the many reasons why I learn and play the cello cos it's beautiful....this one's played by Yoyo Ma and Chris Botti on the trumpet...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uncle Gandhi said...

Gandhi's Top 10 Fundamentals For Changing The World
1. Change yourself.
2. You are in control.
3. Forgive & let go.
4. Without action, you aren't getting anywhere.
5. Take care of this moment.
6. Everyone is human. (erm...yes yes, except aliens)
7. Persist.
8. See the good in people & help them.
9. Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self.
10. Continue to grow and evolve.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apricot Macaroon...yum

Hehehe,,,not talking about the dessert macaroon from Laduree (though I would never resist one!) but the new blusher from Majolica Majorca! It's called the Macaroon cos the packaging really does look like a macaroon.! They launched a new set of blusher with 4 colors and they look so pretty!

Again, it's HL's fault that I ended up buying the Apricot Macaroon at $22.50 (there was a 20% off when I got it so it's cheaper) cos she was the one who told me about it!! HL is forever telling me about new stuff to buy! Well she told me a lot more but I only relented to this one cos the packaging is TOO cute to resist and it doesn't cost a bomb so it's fine.

I got the Apricot one cos it's a peachy orange shade cos I've tried a lot of pink shades but then I still think a peachy shade looks best on me. And not only is the little tin super gorgeous, the puff is so pretty with a purple and pink ribbon! Super girly and how the hell do you say no to such awesomeness?

So is it good? Thing is, these days, make up items usually don't suck so much if you're talking about point make up and not say foundation which requires more careful selection. So to be honest, I can't never tell if one blusher is better than another cos unlike your eyes, the powder doesn't crease on your cheeks and most blushers do have some degree of staying power. So I can just say that this is not a bad blusher BUT the problem is that, yes the powder puff is oh-so cute, it also is a little too big to allow precise application of the blusher.

Think about it, if you're gonna pat on the blusher using that big puff, you'll honestly look like a circus clown with two round circular rouge spots on your face. So applying this blusher with the powder puff that comes along with it is a bit tricky cos if you're a bit too heavy-handed, you'll find yourself frantically wiping off the excess. You really have to use very light feathery strokes which can be frustrating when you're rushing off to work in the morning. And because of the packaging, it'll be so troublesome to take off the tin cap, then the powder puff, then the protective plastic film before you can use a proper blusher brush to apply the color. So that's the downside for sure.

But well, thing is, it's sooooo pretty I couldn't resist it and I still use it. I'm not exactly complaining really cos I'm so shallow when packaging is concern! It's just so pweeeety....And the bloody Japanese are so damn good with this whole packaging business....oh well...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Common work occurrence

This is so very true...happens to me all the time! Gosh, it's Monday again....somebody shoot me please!! Can I like, no work?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

They Said I Said

I LOOOOVE this track by The SugarRush Beat Company...perfect happy girl power song for the gym bunnies...

I can't get the original MTV cos the embedding is disabled in most mtv clip....but I Love the SugarRush Beat Company...and they're sooooo freaking good performing live...check this out...I can't get the embedded one but it's the same song...


Friday, March 11, 2011

Francesca favorite dead photographer

Yes she is dead, at the tender age of 22 through suicide by jumping out of the window, but Francesca Woodman is definitely my favorite dead photographer. This year marks the 30th death anniversary of this brilliant photographer who has made a name of herself posthumously with a series of about 800 black and white photographs. Comprising of mostly self-portraits and other pictures of other woman models,  these photos are hauntingly grabbing with its almost surrealistic composition where an extended exposure is often used. You simply have to stare and look at it cos her photos totally grab you and force you to look at all the details in the pictures.

I would love to put up all her photos but I'll try not to bore you with my obsession with her but if you want to know more about her life, you can click here. But here's a youtube collage of some of her work if you're keen to see....

I totally love her work but it's kinda sad she got depressed from work and relationship issued and decided to end her life at the tender age of 22. Isn't it tragic that all these great talents all killed themselves and then got famous posthumously? Makes me wonder if they had pressed on for a bit more, would things be different? Or do you really have to suffer as a tortured dead soul before people take notice of your work? Oh well....

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kate Moss Hearts Misery Bear!!

Ahhhh Love this!!! Kate Moss collaborated with Misery Bear for the Red Nose Project on Comic Relief!

So cool!!! Now I love Kate Moss more!

A Peek of Blake for Chanel

Ohhh new Chanel ad featuring Blake Lively or otherwise known as Serene Van der Woodsen....

She really does look super model like! Well, with her chiseled face structure, flowing tresses and hot bod, she's a woman you'd love to hate! Some people just have everything!!! Erm...not feeling too hot for the bag though....looks a bit cheap and still prefer the classic 2.55

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Notable Quotable

"I often see how you sob over what you destroy, how you want to stop and just worship, and you do stop, then only a moment later, you are at it again, with a knife, like a surgeon."

--Anais Nin

Teint Miracle

Ohhh lala! I have found another great foundation! Meet Lancome's Teint Miracle! Okay, it's not new cos the liquid foundation was launched awhile ago but then now, they've just launched the Teint Miracle 2-way cake.

I got both the liquid foundation and the 2-way cake cos I couldn't decide which one to get so screw it, just get both (clearly the inner thrifty Chinese Jew has ran away from home...or was there even one to begin with? Ha). It's quite pricey cos the liquid is $69 and the 2-way cake is $69 also but you gotta buy the freaking case for the 2-way cake and that's $22 bucks...Ouch...I dunno why the hell these powder cases are so expensive cos bloody hell, they're just freaking plastic! And I'm sure the production cost of these cases can't be more than say $2 US dollars cos they produce in such big bulk...very very annoying! But well, vanity trumps as always...yeah, it's freaking easy to earn my money in the name of beauty. What to do?

So the verdict? The liquid version is the winner! It covers well cos the coverage is a good medium one which is great for daily use. The texture is quite runny but it spreads very well and you only need very little, like 1 pump for me, to cover the entire face plus it's quite easy to blend. The trick is to dab small dots all over the face to spread out and blend instead of putting one big blob on one spot and then blend out. Anyway, because you only need very little for it to spread really well, a bottle will probably last you quite some time and it's got a SPF 20 which is good enough unless you spend a lot of time in the sun. It gives the skin a dewy look so if you're after that dewy effect, wear this on its own. The only problem is that dewy look doesn't quite work too well in our humidity and heat. It'll get a bit greasy after awhile, so maybe it'll be fine if you wear it for a dinner date and not the whole day. But our sticky climate aside, the effect is wonderful cos you face really brighten up and glow and it pretty much lives up to the hype it's created. I wear it with a loose powder to set it and that's actually good enough for me and it won't melt in the heat.

The 2-way cake on the other hand, is alright. It's convenient and it's supposed to gives your face a glow. Previously I use the Ettusais Sparkling Pack (read more here) and I totally love it cos it makes your face glow with good coverage but then I've finished mine recently and wanted to try something new and I got the  Lancome Teint Miracle. The powder for Lancome is SO VERY SMOOTH! When I tried it at the counter, it felt ridiculously smooth on the skin and it's like silk! Plus, it's got a pretty high SPF of 35 which is great if you're gonna be in the sun for a bit.

The effect is okay, not as glowing and dewy as the liquid version but then again, liquid foundation simply tends to give you more glowing effect anyway. I was actually expecting more from this cos after all, I spent a freaking $22 on the bloody case.  This one, however, doesn't gives you as much glow as the liquid version, so I personally prefer the liquid one. Good thing is, you can use it to touch up in the day cos it comes with a special sponge that has 2 different sides, a smoother one for touch up and the rougher one for application. It's pretty long-wearing as well and it doesn't oxidize so your skin tone wouldn't get darker with the sebum on your face, but then again, most foundations these days don't. But I do find it a bit cakey at the end of the day. When you just apply it, it's okay but then once your face gets a bit of shine, it seems to have that "melted" look which isn't cute. If I blot my face with an oil blotter, it's okay but there's one day I was so busy that I didn't get time for that and when I look into the mirror at the end of the day, it's got that gooey look as if I've worked the whole day frying curry puffs at Old Chang Kee. So well, liquid is the way to go. I should have just got the liquid really cos for compact foundation, I would still go for Ettusais. But well, if I only get the liquid, I would keep thinking about the compact till I get it...blahhh...whatever.... Well, do play with it at their counter and maybe let me know which version you prefer! But the liquid is the winner in my book!

Monday, March 07, 2011

The BEST Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Hahaha...How true! Well, never believe anything you see on magazines!

And here's a really nice ad that I like. Funny though cos it says talk to your daughter about the idea of what beauty is before the advertisers talk to them...and it's by Dove who erm, is an advertiser...but well, at least they have this real beauty campaign thing going on...

Friday, March 04, 2011

Beauty & The Freak?

Beauty trends and the ideal of beauty change over time. You see eyebrows going from thin to thick, flat to arched. Lip colors from dark to light, matte to glossy. Eye shadows from the 80s solid 3-tone to the blended smoky eyes today. These days, what is prominent in our part of the world (erm, Asia that is), however, is the emergence of the human dolls!!

Started mostly in Japan and probably first pioneered by J-pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki , the human doll "Kawaii" look is fast catching up everywhere and you're seeing more and more girls sporting the contact lens with huge iris circumference, exaggerated eyeliner, thick wads of faux eyelashes and pale porcelain skin that looks almost pore-free. Oh of course that super kawaii pouffy hair with big bow and baby bangs that make them look like a delicate porcelain doll.

A recent survey  (click here to read) showed that Japanese women wear the most make up most frequently and having the right makeup is a social rule to observe in the land of the rising sun. *Yaaawnnn* I mean, seriously, how about telling me something I don't already know? If you've been to Japan, you'll wonder if half the country's GDP is powered by cosmetics sales cos they're everywhere! You see shops after shops of cosmetics stores selling all kinds of beauty products and there're probably 348309483098430 different make up items you can buy. So if you're a makeup and beauty junkie like I am, you'll be spoilt for choice. In fact, I got all giddy by the avalanche of products that I just started and felt lost and didn't know what to buy the last time I was there.

More girls on our shores are also sporting the look. I see more of this human doll looks everywhere but the most scary one is when my colleague sent me this link on how this girl from China is really taking the human doll look to its pinnacle. She looks so doll-like that most netizens are agreeing that she really looks like a Japanese blow up doll.

When I first saw it, I stared for a bit and wonder "Does she talk or move???" She looks like she's out of a freaking Japanese Manga book or Anime cartoon!! It's actually freaky and if I see her at night, I would scream and run! Apparently she's making a name for herself for her "beauty" especially with pervy lusty Korean and Japanese men, hmmm, probably the type that buys used or soiled panties from vending machines. Well, if she's a porcelain doll, yes, it would be a delicate and pretty one but as a human, erm...I don't consider that beautiful cos it's too artificial to be beautiful! I would even say it's scary and to a certain extend unappealing ("ugly" is a bit strong for this) and unattractive after looking at the picture for a little longer. But it makes me wonder if this is the new ideal of what beauty is about for the younger generation.....I dunno, and I don't quite understand the appeal of this. I mean how long can you do the dolly look? Let's hope they won't continue with this make up look when they're in their 30s or something then it would be really freaky....Maybe I'm getting older but I surely don't want to look like that! I'd rather have wrinkles and imperfections than looking like a doll!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sea Salt Wonder!

Have I told you that I can't really have my hair short? Couple of reasons actually. Number one: my fengshui master said I should keep long hair and in the past, it's been tried and tested many many times that whenever I chopped off my locks, I'll get bouts of seriously bad luck. No, I've tried it many times and every time, a series of shitty events ALWAYS followed without fail. So I play safe now. Second reason is that my hair is super fine and it doesn't hold short style well at all. Years back, I've had short hair for a couple of years (yes, coupled with pretty rotten patch in my life as well) and much as I love that it makes me look more stylish and modern, my hair can't hold the style well even with the help of hair clay and hair wax. The hair texture just isn't right for shorter style cos for nice short crop, super fine hair makes it go a bit limp especially in this climate. I would wake up with okay hair, style it nicely, go out in the tropical heat, only to have the hair go limp and fall flat like a mop. I've always envied those who have nice short style that's so modern and trendy but I've also resigned to never having that kind of luck with my hair so I'm gonna keep mine straight from now on.

But after awhile, you kinda get bored with long hair. You play with colors. Light, dark, red or whatever you fancy. Then do you the long fringe, short bangs and everything in between. Or you can do the straight, curly, waves variations. One thing I know is that, my previous attempts to get perm for nice wavy curls all failed quite badly. I've tried Japanese soft perm. Failed. Cos my hair doesn't quite hold the curls and if I didn't put tons of curling products and then dry it with a diffuser, it'll look as if I didn't even perm my hair at all. Then I tried out digital perm. Also failed. Same thing. Not to mention the horrible drying effects and damage that the chemicals did to my hair. Then as my hair is now quite long and that the humid heat has always prompted me to twist my hair into a bun (I'm quite lazy and I can't stand having hair stuck to my sweaty neck when I'm in the heat), I get a pretty nice wave when I untie the bun. It's very natural looking and it looks as if I've had a nice perm.

So the other day, to enhance the effect of this little hair trick and to give my hair a bit more texture, I bought a sea salt spray from John Masters Organics at Sephora. Well, sea salt spray basically enhances waves and gives your hair volume by adding texture and all you have to do is just to spray some on and style your hair as usual. I've tried making some home-made sea salt spray with erm, well, obviously sea salt and water, but then it doesn't seem to work like the ones I've bought from the shop. In the past, I bought one by Bumble & Bumble but then they only sell Bumble & Bumble in Airport Terminal 3, so I'll have to settle for another brand.

It's quite hard to find Sea Salt Spray in Singapore but John Masters Organics does a pretty good Sea Mist Spray that's infused with lavender oil to counteract the drying effects of sea salts, not to mention that it really smells very very divine! Sea salt spray gives you a nice relaxed waves, so if you're after something to give you a properly defined curls, you'll have to use proper curling products instead. But if it's the kind of Giselle Bundchen kind of natural wavy look you're after, then sea salt spray is what works.

To use the sea salt spray, just spray it all over your hair and you can use it on either wet or dry hair. For me, I find that it's best to use it on dry but slightly damp hair. Thing is, you don't want to get too excited and spray too much cos sea salt spray also tends to have a bit of a clumping effect and with the spray on, your hair might get tangled up easier. Once you've got the spray on and spread it out evenly, you can style your hair as usual. If you want to just give your hair a boost in volume and texture, simply blow dry your hair using your fingers and never a hair brush or it'll defeat its purposes. If you have natural wave and just want to enhance the wave a bit, simply scrunch your hair a bit and let it dry naturally (from it being a bit damp), or if your hair is still wet, blow dry while scrunching it, but don't get the power too high with the hair dryer or it'll tend to frizz your hair.

If like me, you want to give your straight hair a bit of a wavy boost, then spray on the sea salt spray on damp hair, then part your hair into half and twist hair into 2 buns high on the head (like Chun Li from Street Fighter haha) and wait for it to dry and you can sleep in it. That's the best way to achieve wavy hair without a perm and the wave tends to last when you let your buns down. And viola!! If you need a bit more boost, then have a light bit of hair spray to make it hold but I normally don't cos I don't like too much stuff on my hair. But I'm totally loving this sea salt spray!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I Heart Misery Bear!

Ohhh I just got to see this super cute comedy of "Misery Bear". It's quite funny but the poor chap always have mishaps and shit happening to him...and you'll go "awww poor bear" at the end but it's super cute and funny though! They've got an entire series!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March Muse

Reading: Lolita. The great classic of Vladimir Nabokov. I'm a major laggard on this cos I should have read this fantastic book looooong ago but somehow I never got around it. I've watched the movie and all but it's only now that I started the book. Never too late for the classics I say. And omg, it's soooo good. It's gonna be one of my all time favorites for sure. Nabokov is one of my favorite authors anyway....the way he writes is just so beautiful....

Watching: Another old classic. Sophie's Choice from the 80s....It's Meryl Streep's best performance in my opinion. I watched it cos someone mentioned Natalie Portman is another Meryl Streep in the making and then I thought hey, I should see a movie that really showcases Meryl Streep's acting prowess and BAM! It's got to be Sophie's Choice where Streep played a Polish immigrants in the US who survived the concentration camp by the Nazi. Her Polish accent and German are impeccable and her acting spectacular...I love the movie. It's Meryl Streep at her finest.

Wearing: Vanessa Bruno floral dress. I love florals and this one's flowy and not structured and stiff. The pattern's subdued and not loud and too in your face. Perfect for weekend dates and if you wanna wear it to work, just throw a short black or red cardi to make it a bit preppy and pair it with nice heels. Very pretty....

Using: My purchase from the latest Bangkok Rendezvous. Boots Botanics Whitening 24 Hour Eye Concentrate and Whitening Day Fluid with SPF20. I've always loved the Botanics range and when I was in BKK, I bought a couple of Botanics stuff to try. I also got the Botanics Organic Eye Make Up Remover and Hydrating Mask but then the makeup remover is a bit too thick and oily and it smells like I was rubbing olive oil over my face. So not a big fan. But the Whitening Day Fluid and Eye Concentrate are not bad at all! They both get absorbed really quickly into the skin and the Day Fluid is very light so it makes a perfect day cream. Best that it's got an SPF of 20! I really like it! But if you have oily skin, it probably won't work too well cos yes it's light but then it's not oil free and tend to give you a bit of shine. But the eye gel is really nice though...Mr Bunny complained about his dark rings so I gave him the extra eye gel I bought, he seems to like it. So let's see if it works on him...

Drinking: I'm addicted to avocado juice!! It's not just the juice but the fruit place across my work actually make it really tasty with a bit of "Gula Melaka" (or whatever you call that) and it's super duper yum! And avocado has got all the good fats/oil in it. I'll limit myself to once a day cos it can be a wee bit fattening....but omg, it's divine!

Eating: Nature's Path Organic Hot Oatmeal. Perfect breakfast food! It's super tasty and it's instant! Just add hot water and voila! And the best part? It's organic and very tasty. It comes in little packets of just the right amount so you won't over-eat. Great to have in the office. It's really delicious! I eat it everyday now.

Popping: Blackmore's Evening Primrose Oil. Good oil for health and you just need to take it once a day (though I take twice) to benefit from this. It helps with cholesterol level as it's got a lot of good fat in it and then your skin and hair would thank you too. And for women with PMS and period issue like mood swing and bad cramps, it'll help ease the symptoms a bit as well. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now and I do feel that my skin isn't as dry and there's a significant improvement. It'll be a regular now!

Loving: Sante Nail Polish! It's non-toxic so that alone is a good enough reason for you to love it but the bonus is that it's a dream to paint this on cos it's super easy. It's not runny or streaky and I'm really surprised that it's quite dummy proof. Especially for the light shade cos usually light colors are the hardest to evenly paint on. But this one is the champion and I'm a fan of their clean beige No.1 for a very polished manicured look. I'm definitely gonna get more colors from them. It's worth its relatively high price tag of $26.

Lusting After: The Celine Mini Shopper (available on Kepris)....argh...I WANT! But I'm so broke I can't buy another bag for a loooong while...but I seriously love the Celine Mini Shopper! Can someone buy me please???


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